Eczema Flare-Ups: What They Are and How To Avoid Them
Blog / 06/22/2013

Eczema Flare-Ups: What They Are and How To Avoid Them   Eczema is a chronic skin condition, also commonly known as atopic dermatitis. Sufferers often feel the constant need to itch the skin. This itching can lead to red rashes, blister-like sores that ooze, and scaly, rough patches of skin. The phrase “eczema flare-ups,” is used to describe outbreaks or episodes where the condition gets worse. Those who suffer from this disease are often plagued with the skin condition for life, but there are ways to seek relief. Unfortunately, this relief can be short-term. Some individuals can go months without an eczema rash and wake up one morning to have a significant outbreak. Although there is no way to cure this disease, there are steps you can take to avoid regular flare-ups. Find Your Trigger Factor The phrase “trigger factor,” is often used to describe the onset of an outbreak. Something triggers the skin. It is irritated and produces a reaction. There are different causes for flare-ups and outbreaks, but medical professional have developed a list of common factors. They include dairy products, chemical irritants, allergies, the weather, and stress. Eliminate Your Trigger Factors Once you believe you found the…

How To Start a Running Club – 3 Simple Tips
Blog / 06/21/2013

How To Start a Running Club – 3 Simple Tips By Jago Holmes   So you’ve decided that you’d like to be a runner, you want to lose weight, get fit and just generally feel better about yourself. But you hate the thought of running on your own. Well you can stop worrying because here are 3 great tips for how to start a running club, so you have your own motivation, safety and company when you run. First and foremost you need to put the word around with the people you know. Friends, family or work colleagues all provide an excellent network of potential running club members. Hopefully from this list you may get one or two people interested in joining. From this initial interest, you need to decide on which days and times you’ll meet, because one of the most frustrating things you’ll find about organising anything is that you can’t please everyone AND not everyone that says they’ll come will actually do so. If you only have limited times and days that you can run on, then these will be your running clubs times. Initially it would be far easier to simply stick to just one day…

What Is Hyperhidrosis?
Blog / 06/21/2013

What Is Hyperhidrosis?   The condition which causes excessive sweating is defined as Hyperhidrosis. Research shows that about 4% of the population has symptoms which are typical to the disorder. The symptoms which include sweaty face, hands, feet and palms can be a reason of embarrassment and social issues. Everyday existence can be challenging for a person suffering from this condition and physical proximity could be challenging. Yet, this condition can be cured and all these issues can be easily avoided. What causes It? It is a medical condition that needs serious and focused handling and it will not go away if you think that it is something that can be ignored. The hypothalamus – a part of the brain – is responsible for all sweat related functions. The sweat glands, which are responsible for producing sweat, are triggered by the hypothalamus which sends signals to it via nerves. In normal circumstances, a person would sweat when there is warmth or when the person undergoes any physical activity. As opposed to this, the sweat glands of a person suffering from this disorder produces surplus of sweat always. Types There are two main categories into which it can be divided into…

Plantar Fasciitis: Ball Of Foot Pain
Blog / 06/20/2013

Plantar Fasciitis: Ball Of Foot Pain   It is not uncommon to have painful feet. Human foot has to go through a lot of physical stress and sessions. Hence it is bound to show signs of pain and aches with the passage of time. However, heel pain or foot pain should not be ignored if it follows a consistent pattern or continues for a long period of time. It is advisable to seek medical help during such circumstances. Heel of the foot is protected through a layer of fat deposits near your fascia. This can be damaged due to some wrong exercises and practice and can in turn cause painful heels. Painful heels or ball of foot pain can be cured provided that it is properly diagnosed. You should go for check-ups, tests, scans and physical examinations to complete the diagnosis process. Causes of Ball of Foot Pain: Heel fissures: These are nothing but similar to a skin deep and are one of the less severe cause of ball of foot pain. However, if ignored, heel fissures can cause a lot of discomfort and trouble. Hence, it is important to cure the problem of heel fissures before the problem aggravates….

Eat Stop Eat: Weight Loss Plan – Review
Blog / 06/19/2013

Eat Stop Eat: Weight Loss Plan – Review   Brought to you by Brad Pilon, the Eat Stop Eat: Weight Loss Plan is one of the most popular programs on the web and has been sweeping the nation with it’s easy to follow steps and super results. It’s also featured on TV and in popular magazines around the world and is fast becoming one of the leading weight-loss programs. But let’s see what you get and whether or not it’s worth the price tag of $37 (with a $9.99 trial option). If you’re looking to lose-weight fast then this is probably one of the best options you can go for. There are hundreds of weight-loss programs online but this system is one of the only ones that has actually been proven with clinical research. That makes this system one of the best on the market before even looking at what you get when you buy. Weight-loss is hard – a lot of people tend to think that it is all about calories in versus calories burned and while this is true, that’s not the full picture. There are a lot of other things that effect it and what we like…

Buying Used Woodworking Equipment For Dummies
Blog / 06/18/2013

Buying Used Woodworking Equipment For Dummies Have you been working as a woodworking craftsman for ages or have you started recently? Whether you’re an experienced craftsman or a total rookie you might want to save some money and you can do it buy purchasing used woodworking equipment instead of new tools. It’s possible to save plenty of money but it’s important to choose the right equipment and to buy the things from the right place. Who to buy used tools from It’s definitely a good idea to try to save some money by purchasing used woodworking equipment but it’s also important to not buy the first used tools you can find. You will be able to find plenty of sellers on the net and you will also be able to meet many sellers if you start visiting flea markets, but you should keep in mind that some used woodworking equipment can be a waste of money instead of a good investment. It’s a big difference between the tools you need if you have the woodworking craft as a profession and the tools you need if you just have woodworking as a hobby. You need to be extra careful if you’re…

Improve Restaurant Service Through Balance and Consistency
Blog / 06/18/2013

Improve Restaurant Service Through Balance and Consistency   There are 2 words that I constantly repeat while holding waiter training sessions: balance and consistency. Both concepts can easily be applied to restaurants where waiter performance is basically 1/2 physical abilities and 1/2 mental abilities or 1/2 a science form and 1/2 an art form. The physical aspects of balance is obvious; carrying/serving more than one plate at a time, carrying/serving cocktails on trays, balancing one’s feet while in motion etc. For physical consistency, it amounts to not only excellent physical condition, but also the consistency of the waiter service skills and technique, or the “consistency of balancing” – if you will. Physical consistency is how one carries his or herself in the restaurant dining room, and the physical vibe (body language) that is emanated as well. This affects diners who are trying to enjoy themselves out and away from the stresses of daily life. There also has to be a mental balance to a waiter’s performance as well such as being realistic about the amount of tables that can be handled at one time or asking for help from other waitstaff when overloaded with too many tables on an especially…

Categories of People Prone to Angular Cheilitis
Blog / 06/18/2013

Categories of People Prone to Angular Cheilitis   Each and every year, thousands or even millions of people are searching for an effective treatment that will get them rid of their Angular Cheilitis as soon as possible. In order to see what are the people with high risk of suffering from this disease, it is absolutely necessary to understand what it is and how it develops. It is a skin condition which affects the corners of the mouth and the skin from above and below them. In time, the condition can spread so that it can affect the entire area from above and below the lips. In most cases, this condition is due to the fact that saliva and sweat are retained too much time inside some skin folds. This is mainly possible when people are wearing dentures that do not fit well, thus deforming the face and causing folds at the level of the mouth or when one or more teeth are missing and the mouth closes more than necessary. These cases are more common in older people, as they are the one who have most teeth extracted and have to wear dentures. Also, because this condition is also…

Renegade Mindset Techniques For Golf Review
Blog / 06/18/2013

Renegade Mindset Techniques For Golf Review   Every golfer knows that what separates the good from the elite is the mental side of the game. You know this is true. Sure, there are the issues of natural talent, starting golf-instruction at a young age with good coaches, disciplined practice, strength and conditioning, and pure determination. Renegade Mindset Techniques for Golf is a brand new product that will teach you everything you need to know to ensure your game is at its best. The elite golfer performs consistently well physically because he doesn’t screw up mentally. Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell are the product creators and are known as the Renegade-Mental-Coaches because they don’t buy into the mainstream sports psychology rubbish! Together they have over 37 years of intense personal and professional study into the mind-body connection including four academic degrees, dozens of internships with the most respected authorities in the sports and personal change arenas, and extensive travel throughout southeast Asia in search of more substantial (and certainly lesser known) answers to the question of which techniques do champion athletes use to gain the mental edge over their opponents. It is a Coaching System that will attack your mental roadblocks…

How to Improve Eyesight Exercises
Blog / 06/18/2013

How to Improve Eyesight Exercises   The society we are living in means that we often want instant results in all areas of our lives, health included. So it is no surprise that those who undertake eye exercises to improve their vision, often seek ways to improve their eyesight exercises so that they get quicker and better results. Thousands of people every year carry out the Bates Eye Exercise Method in order to correct their vision. The Bates Eye Exercise method is based on the premise that eye problems are caused by eye muscle strain. If all of the steps in the exercise program are followed, and the exercises are done regularly, then more often than not productive and positive results are achieved. Those that have used the Bates Exercise Program in conjunction with the Pinhole Glasses exercise program have commented that they have noticed speedier results. The Pinhole Glasses exercise program is also based on the premise that stress to the eye muscles leads to vision problems. Both the Bates Exercise Program and the Pinhole Glasses Exercise can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Once your have purchased your Pinhole glasses, they can be used…