How Many Eggs Does a Chicken Lay in a Day?
Blog / 07/24/2013

How Many Eggs Does a Chicken Lay in a Day?   Only just a little number of chickens will lay at least one egg every day. It is a common that the basis of egg production that chicken lays has to do with the breed and the amount of sun rays that will hit the chicken for an hour in a day. As with the breed of the chicken, the occurrence of some extraordinary laying of eggs may happen. Temperature also affects the number of eggs. Commercial egg production businesses usually controlling the light on the chicken’s coops for the light even if it is artificial can affect the production of eggs. The age of the chicken also influences their egg production on a daily and monthly basis. As the chicken grows older it begins laying fewer eggs and the five per week will become only three eggs per week. There is no chicken that lays eight eggs per day. In some other cases, some chickens lay two eggs a day, but that rarely happens. These are some of the reasons that doesn’t affect on why the chicken lay only one egg per day from the time they started laying…

Good Looks, Big Paycheck
Blog / 07/23/2013

Good Looks, Big Paycheck By Mark Belmont   It’s not a secret that good-looking people enjoy all sorts of advantages in life. But did you know that being attractive can have financial benefits? I’m not talking about hypothetical or intangible benefits, either… I’m talking about higher hourly wages. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas and Michigan State University determined that a person’s physical appearance can actually have a real, measurable impact on their salary. For men, they found that the average “ugly penalty” is $2600 per year. That means that men judged by their peers to be unattractive earn $2600 less than attractive people who perform the *exact* same job! Not only are unattractive men penalized for their looks… handsome men are actually *rewarded* for being good-looking! The financial reward for being good-looking, researchers determined, averages $1400 per year. These findings were consistent across all sorts of different occupations, not just those in which appearance can be directly beneficial. I mean, it makes sense that a good-looking waiter will earn more tips. But what about a good-looking doctor? Or a handsome lawyer? Or the guy who collects your trash every week? The researchers found that they’re…

Make Power at Home with Solar and Wind Energy
Blog / 07/23/2013

Make Power at Home with Solar and Wind Energy   Save up to 80% of home electricity on utilizing free energy. This free energy can be easily generated from naturally resources that available in abundant. Few devices are needed to convert these resources into free power. You do not require investing for any other commercially made home power generator, when you have the option to actually build one yourself. We will mention how to save up to 80% of home electricity with those home-made power generators. Earth 4 Energy is one such program that has shown people how to create a home made solar panel and wind turbine from junks or parts that are easily available at any local shop. The program contains simple step-by-step instructional guide that anyone can be followed easily by anyone. The kit involves the procedure of finding all necessarily parts and putting them together. All this can be done for less than $200 unlike those commercially made one that costs at least $1000. A home-made power generator can be built not less than 3 days. For those living under a strong sunlight can take the option of using a solar panel to collect the direct…

Having the Right Tool on Hand Can Make Laptop Repair Much Easier
Blog / 07/21/2013

Having the Right Tool on Hand Can Make Laptop Repair Much Easier By Thomas James, Author of Laptop Repair Made Easy   Laptops are becoming increasingly common in today’s world, and with that comes a need for more laptop repair services. Whereas even a decade ago, a laptop was a relatively rare thing, these days every university student has one. However, this doesn’t change the fact that laptops are still more expensive than a desktop to maintain or repair. That’s why a lot of people with basic technical skills choose to repair their laptops themselves. This isn’t hard to do if you have some knowledge of what you’re doing, and, of course, if you have the right tools to go about repairing your laptop with. However, you need to be very careful, because the average laptop is considerably more complex than your average desktop PC in terms of miniaturization, and consequently, in how difficult a repair job can become. You mustn’t think that just because you’ve repaired desktop PCs in the past, that you are necessarily qualified to repair or disassemble a laptop. If you’ve never tried your hand at laptop repair before I’d advise you to take a good…

The #1 Mistake Even The Best Preppers Make
Blog / 07/21/2013

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Symptoms of Rosacea
Blog / 07/19/2013

Symptoms of Rosacea This ailment is a chronic type of skin disorder which produces skin blushing on face of the affected person. It is a common symptom in all of its types. This disease has four types, each having its own distinct symptoms. Face flushing can be one of its symptoms but it may also be present on one time but absent on another time. Frequent blushing of face is considered to be the first sign of this disease. In addition, some people may also feel burning skin sensation. In one of the four most common types of this disease, acne rosacea, pimples are formed on skin of the patient. These pimples may be solid and hard, or they may be pus filled. This bumps and pimples are confirmation signs of this type of disease. In this disease, blood flow through vessels increases, causing rapid flow through the blood vessels of face. This results in clearly visible blood vessels on face of the person. These vessels are commonly arteries and are visible in the form of several red lines. Eye irritation is confirming symptom of ocular rosacea. In this symptom eyes are irritated because of several reason and they become…

Cure Plantar Fasciitis at Home!
Blog / 07/18/2013

Cure Plantar Fasciitis at Home!   Have you been suffering from the pain of Plantar Fasciitis? Do you wake up in the morning with aching pain in your heel? Has it robbed you of your quality of life? If so, then there IS hope. Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure, authored by exercise rehab specialist Jeremy Roberts, is a NEW eBook that gives you a step-by-step plan that has been proven to eliminate the pain and heal the damaged tissue in your foot…fast! It is a comprehensive guide to identifying the cause of your Plantar Fasciitis, following an at-home treatment plan and restoring your plantar fascia tissue. Plantar Fasciitis is a repetitive stress injury that causes acute pain in the foot, heel, and calf muscle. The plantar fascia tissue can become severely inflamed and place a tremendous amount of pressure on the tissues it surrounds. For many people, the pain is localized in the heel and in some cases it is the result of heel spurs. About 1 in every 10 people will experience symptoms at some point in their lives. If left untreated, this condition can go on for years and have a significantly negative impact on your professional and personal…

Fast Cure For Vitiligo
Blog / 07/18/2013

Fast Cure For Vitiligo By William Oliver, Nutritionist, Medical Researcher and Author of the Fast Vitiligo Cure   Most people wonder whether or not Vitiligo can be cured, which is still a mystery to many. Those that say it cannot be cured aren’t paying attention to the facts and the amazing success stories of those who have. In fact, I often tell people to disregard any doctor or “professional” who says that it can’t be cured. This mindset does not give an individual with this skin disorder any faith or hope to overcome it – in fact, it immobilizes them and as a result, they believe they have to live with this ugly skin disorder for the rest of their lives. Instead, look at those who HAVE recovered from it. There are thousands among thousands out there. It may not be talked about much, but many have proven that there is a remedy for it. “How?”, you might ask. Well, first, understand its cause. It is an auto-immune disorder. It affects the skin, causing a loss of skin pigmentation. The primary cause of this skin disorder is the immune system not functioning properly. If you can restore the immune system…

Herb Planting – Oregano in a Mini-Garden
Blog / 07/18/2013

Herb Planting – Oregano in a Mini-Garden   If you are just about to set out creating your own mini garden, you may be thinking of what plants and herbs to cultivate. It might help you in making your selection to have a handy guide such as the one by Jeannie Woods called “Healthy Happy Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide To Herb and Herb Gardening”. When you know the various properties of each herb plant, you’ll be able to plan your garden quickly and more efficiently. Now, one popular herb that all beginner gardeners should consider is oregano. The name connotes Italian origins. In fact, Italians even have their own spelling for it – origano. Used mainly in Mediterranean dishes and also known as wild or pot marjoram (although culinary enthusiasts will attest that oregano has an entirely different flavor from marjoram), the humble oregano is at the forefront of herb popularity. This herb, which can grow up to 2 feet tall, is frequently used in making pizza, spaghetti and tomato-based sauces. Unbeknownst to others though, this herb not only makes food taste and smell good, but it also has centuries-old medicinal benefits as well. It is said that even Hippocrates…

Secrets To Dog Training – Food-Guarding Issues
Blog / 07/18/2013

Secrets To Dog Training – Food-Guarding Issues If you’ve never seen a dog with serious food-guarding issues, it’s difficult to appreciate the potential severity of the problem. Food-guarding issues are not necessarily a reflection on the personality or training level of the dog: it’s an instinctive thing, and although dogs with a general aggression problem are naturally more prone to demonstrating the condition, it’s also exhibited by otherwise-sweet, well-behaved, well-adjusted family dogs. Like an evil djinn, the problem can rear its ugly head only when food (or the food bowl) is present: a real case of Jekyll and Hyde. A dog with serious food-guarding issues can be a real danger to anyone who should approach her during a meal: it’s not a scenario in which you can expect to train your dog to “play nice”. Instinct is what’s compelling her to act in this undesirable, and even dangerous, way – you need to take steps to turn the behavior around before your relationship with your dog suffers or somebody gets hurt. There are different degrees of food guarding. In the mildest case, a dog will merely tense up a little or freeze if somebody approaches her while she’s trying to…