Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed – Cat Behavior Problems Training


Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed – Cat Behavior Problems Training


How To Stop Cat Behavior Problems – Fast

Do you have a cat that is:

– Ignoring the litter box and instead peeing and pooping on the floor, your bed, your bathtub, or anywhere else they shouldn’t be?
– Biting you, your children or your guests unexpectedly?
– Scratching your couch, bed, and other furniture?
– Digging in houseplants?
– Fighting with other cats in your household?
– Keeping you awake at night?
– Just plain misbehaving?

The Reasons Why Cats Misbehave (and why most cat training advice doesn’t work)

In order to effectively train your cat, you must understand the way cats think and what drives their actions.

Cats and dogs do not think alike, and trying to use the same training methods on a cat that you would use on a dog will only backfire and cause more behavior problems.

It has completely different instincts and react differently to situations than dogs do. Yelling or physically punishing a cat will only make them fear you, rather than solve behavior problems.

However, there is one learning method cats, dogs, and even people do have in common – and that is classical conditioning. In other words, they learn to associate certain behaviors with certain outcomes.

Cats learn that certain activities result in positive rewards, so they continue to do them over and over again. Other actions cause negative outcomes, so they avoid them.

So, what is the difference between this and simply punishing your cat? Won’t yelling at your cat when they do something wrong make them associate the behavior with a negative outcome?

Not necessarily.

It might, but wouldn’t it better if your cat associated their bad behavior with the negative consequence, rather than associating the negative consequence with you?

In other words, wouldn’t you rather make them learn that scratching the couch causes an unpleasant consequence, instead of them fearing you and only scratching the couch when you are not around?

This is one of the most important things for you to understand when it comes to teaching your cat to do what you want – and for stopping unwanted behaviors.

There are many ways to train your cat and end bad cat behavior without ever having to touch them.

Introducing… “Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed”

A Quick and Easy, Step-By-Step Guide That Reveals The Secrets To A Well-Behaved Cat

Whether your cat is acting out because of stress, a medical condition, or simply doesn’t know what you expect…the result is enough to drive you up the wall. But now you can finally end this frustrating behavior.

Straight to the point, no-fluff real world solutions to cat behavior problems, that truly work. Solve anything from litter box problems, biting, spraying, scratching, keeping you up at night, chewing on cords, jumping on the table, and more.

Save money by ending cat behavior problems for good. No more carpet cleaning bills, having to buy new (or repair) furniture, buying boxes of bandaides and neosporin for all those bite marks, or replacing chewed up cords.

Save time by having all the answers you need in one easy location. No more searching the web for hours, trying dozens of different solutions without knowing if they’ll really work. If any other questions or a different behavior problem comes up in the future, you can always conveniently refer back to the ebook for answers.

Safe and effective. Hundreds of perfectly behaved cats and their happy owners would agree. Some of the information out there is not only incorrect and useless, but can actually be downright dangerous to your cat.

Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed – Cat Behavior Problems Training