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Introducing… Carp Fishing Secrets Guide Book


It is probably the most comprehensive ebook about the subject on the web today!

It is a compilation of some of the best articles ever seen from three of the UK’s favourite writers. The aim of this guide is to take a novice carp angler, or somebody still learning the ropes, and show them how to put more fish in their net! It also contains a number of articles that have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE!

But I don’t live in the UK? That’s EXACTLY why you NEED this ebook. They are the same the world over – it’s the techniques for catching them that differ. If a UK angler wanted to catch largemouth bass, he’d look to America for his instruction. If you want to catch carp, then the UK is the place to learn! You may well have friends who catch the occasional carp. You may even have caught a few yourself. With this guide, you’ll be catching them all the time!

It isn’t an exact science, which is why this guide is designed to teach you not only how to catch more, and bigger fish, but also how to get you thinking like a seasoned angler. Who knows? After reading this book and applying the techniques, YOU might be sending US tips for part two!

The Carp Fishing Secrets Guide Book is a PDF download of over 100,000 words, along with a whole bunch of photos and illustrations to show you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to catch more fish. Even if you’ve never fished for these powerful fish before, you’ll be able to catch them after reading this guide. The contents, structure and quality of the articles contained are as good, probably better, than anything you’ll find in the world. Coming from seasoned UK Carp Anglers, this book is based on experience, not waffle – it’s written by men who’ve been doing this for most of their lives.

Here’s a quick introduction to the authors:

Jim Gibbinson

Jim Gibbinson is a well known published author. He has written a number of fishing books, as well as contributing to numerous magazines, and there aren’t many anglers in the UK who haven’t read something by him. One aspect of Jim’s technique that sets him apart from many anglers is that he relishes the opportunity to fish difficult waters – ones that appear featureless to the untrained eye, and his results speak for themselves!

Julian Grattidge

Julian Grattidge has been an angler for as long as he can remember. He specialises in specialising! Throughout his angling years, he’s done just about any kind of carp fishing available and adapts his approach accordingly. For example, when he was young, free and single, he’d do longer sessions and study the fish behaviour and baiting techniques that would bring the best long-term results. Having just become a father for the first time, he’s concentrating on two other aspects, with great results – stalking (including surface fishing) and short session angling.

Garth ‘Gaffer’ Barnard

Garth ‘Gaffer’ Barnard has always been a short session angler, never fishing more than one night on a water. Because of this, he has honed his skills and tackle to perfection. He’s the kind of irritating guy who arrives last, packs up first and yet still catches the best fish! Gaffer has an excellent way of conveying his skills to other anglers and enjoys seeing their successes.

Elton Murphy

The articles themselves have been carefully chosen by Elton Murphy, Editor of one of the UK’s best known and longest established fishing websites,

His aim was to provide a complete guide in an easy-to-understand format so that ANYONE can do it. Many magazines and books make it all too complicated – the guide aims to do the opposite. Even if you’ve never seen a knotless knot, a boilie or a bolt-rig before, you will be showing all your friends what they do very soon. YOU’LL be the one they come running to for answers – YOU’LL have the edge over all the other anglers!

It doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. Many anglers in the UK believe too much of the hype and marketing surrounding it. Baits and tackle produced in the UK are often expensive to buy, especially overseas. Well, here’s secret number one – the amount of fish you catch has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the amount you spend! That may sound obvious to many, but you would have to see how much some guys in the UK spend to believe it!! This ebook will show you how to make baits and rigs for small change!

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Carp Fishing Secrets Guide Book