Car Repair Help And Auto Repair Scams Revealed


Car Repair Help And Auto Repair Scams Revealed


Who else wants to slash their auto repair expenses in HALF and take a Caribbean cruise with the savings?

Finally! A manual for the CAR OWNER!!!

Introducing… Car Repair Help And Auto Repair Scams Revealed

The cost of owning and maintaining an automobile has skyrocketed in the last few years, and repair costs are expected to triple in the near future.

Labor costs, the new diagnostic equipment needed and increasing health care and insurance costs will all be passed on to you… the customer.

You see, most things in life are negotiable and the price of auto repair is definitely negotiable IF you know how and what to negotiate!

What you decide to do with all the cash… is up to you!

  • Do you know what to look for the minute you walk into a shop that can be a clue as to what kind of service to expect, and how honest and trustworthy the mechanic can be towards you? NOT BBB plaques!
  • Do you know how to get YOUR mechanic to honor another shop’s warranty? This is a MUST if you travel a lot by car.
  • Do you know how to find a reliable and honest transmission shop? You usually only have to deal with a transmission shop once during the life of your car… make sure you read this chapter, or you are probably going to be SORRY!
  • Do you know what questions to ask your current mechanic/service writer that can be a HUGE tip off to his honesty? You’ll get a list of them.
  • Do you know how to deal with an insurance company and body shop after an accident that can easily put more money in your pocket? If you don’t need this information right now you WILL one day!

Already have an honest mechanic? Or think they are honest?

  • How to get even BETTER service and more perks than you are now! This really works great, and it is so easy you will kick yourself!
  • Know how to get quick and friendly towing service from your current mechanic… even after hours when you are more likely to get into a wreck or have a breakdown. Nothing worse than being stranded on the highway.
  • Do this… and guard yourself against paying for name brand parts prices while getting discount brand parts installed on your automobile. This expensive scam is very common even in “honest” shops.
  • Did you know that saying this..(******) can cost you BIG bucks? Know what information to reveal and what NOT to say to your mechanic.
  • Learn keyword terminology to help you describe your car problems, and to show that YOU know what you are talking about. Or are you the kind of person that knows just enough to get them in trouble? We love it when customers THINK they know what they are talking about (but really don’t) this is guaranteed to get your bill padded an additional 10% just for jacking.
  • Tons of helpful links and pictures to help you understand what your automobile needs and what it does NOT need maintenance wise. You are probably falling for a few services that are not needed, do you know what some of the common referred services are?
  • How to inspect a used automobile for purchase –This alone is worth $100’s
  • Are you really prepared for an accident or law suit caused by an accident you are involved in? You’ll get a simple “be prepared for an accident” check list everyone should know.


Myths And Mechanical Wisdom revealed in a simple approach

  • Tune ups, what does “tune up” really consist of?
  • Do you really have to change your oil every 3,000 miles?
  • Why do I need a tune up at 60,000 miles when the manufacturer says I won’t need one for 100,000 miles… who is right?
  • Does it help to turn off the A/C before I start the engine?
  • What can help improve fuel mileage?
  • and much more!

Why YOU MUST own a copy of this Car Repair Help And Auto Repair Scams Revealed ebook!

What Your Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know, was created to save you money and protect you from scam artists and dishonest repair shops. Both of them are more common than most people think. This 142 page ebook contains information about the ins and outs of an auto repair shop and what goes on in the minds of some mechanics and shop owners as YOU approach the service desk… with your wallet WIDE open!

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Car Repair Help And Auto Repair Scams Revealed