CA Ticket Busters – Fight and Beat Traffic Ticket


CA Ticket Busters – Fight and Beat Traffic Ticket


Your Traffic Ticket can Cost You Thousands of Dollars in Fee’s & Insurance Increases – UNLESS you Learn the Insider Tricks That Make the Courts Scream “UNCLE” and Give Up!”

Speeding Ticket Seat Belt Ticket Cell Phone Ticket

Stop Sign Ticket Commute Lane Ticket Red Light Ticket

” You Will Walk Away Scot FREE and Not Pay A Single Cent to the Court when you learn the Tricks and Insider Secrets to Beating the Court at their Own Game – EVEN IF YOU ARE 100% GUILTY – Using Tried and True Methods that Work Every SingleTime – Guaranteed! ”

Learn how to beat any California traffic ticket! With 100% accuracy. Don’t argue the facts or the traffic ticket. Use the court system and Procedures against itself. You must use the system to beat the system!!

Save Yourself TIME. Save Yourself FRUSTRATION. Save Yourself MONEY.

Don’t Make me Wade through a Bunch of Stuff that I have to read just tell me what to do NOW!

Knowing insider court procedures gives you all the secrets you need to get your dismissal.

You will normally see 35 to 50 people at each sitting for a 1 to 2 hour Traffic Court session. Yes, they go through 50 people in 1 hour sometimes and generate TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS or more in one sitting. And you tell me they are not Revenue Generating?! It’s almost like a scam you feel railroaded!

Everybody else on the internet is try to sell you on how to beat a ticket by ARGUING THE FACTS OR THE TRAFFIC TICKET such as:

the radar gun was not calibrated
or trying to go to court when the officer is on vacation (so you hope he will not show up)
or to ask for forgiveness or understanding and hopefully they will not charge you for the traffic ticket or all of the fine.

Don’t kid yourself! Normally when you ask for help the Judge says to turn around and see the court. If he gives you help, he will have to give it to everybody else. Of course you do not get understanding from a Judge!

Don’t Argue the Facts or the Traffic Ticket, Use the Rules of the Court and the Court Procedures!

It is Your ONLY GUARANTEED way to WIN.

Others on the internet have a service that will charge you for trying a written appeal and several postponements. Of course they will guarantee their results, and if it doesn’t work then they will give you a portion of your money back. Don’t be fooled by them!

If you argue the traffic ticket; it’s the officer’s word against yours! He the professional and does it full time-5 days a week. The Judge and the Officer know each other from several court appearances. The court knows you’re just trying to get out of paying your fine. His experience against your trying to get out of paying means YOU LOSE!!

But! If you use the courts own procedures against itself, you will get your offense dismissed. Rules of the court are Rules of the court. Hell, its their rules. You didn’t make them up, you’re playing their game and YOU WILL WIN using our system!

The Court, Judge and Cop won’t like it but they don’t have a choice. It’s their own rules. They will hold you to the letter of the law, and say with disdain what you are using against them is a technicality!

Are your rights a Technicality??!! Remember: the courts made the rules – we are holding them accountable for THEIR rules. Hold their feet to the fire!

Thankfully it’s easy and simple and all of the other systems out there do not show you how to do this – UNTIL CA Ticket Busters system.

You deserve a second chance right? Everyone deserves a second chance and someone you know or love deserves a second chance. Take action now and get a second chance to WIN.

Its easy, its fun, and most importantly it’s empowering. Know your rights – feel the confidence as you win your ticket and walk out without paying a single cent of your money!

Its not only for traffic tickets, it’s for any Municipal ticket or infraction.

This system works for every administrative or infraction case such as:

Drunk in public
All Speeding Violations
Fish and Game Citations
Red Light Camera Tickets
Seat Belt Tickets
Cell Phone Tickets
Commuter Lane Tickets
Skate Park Infractions (all types)
Stop Sign Tickets
Crossing Over Double Yellow Tickets
Following Too Close Tickets
Fix-it Tickets
Driving Without a License Tickets
Driving on a Suspended License Ticket
Improper Passing Tickets
Motorcycle Tickets


CA Ticket Busters – Fight and Beat Traffic Ticket