Buy With No Credit – How to Make Money this Month in Real Estate



Buy With No Credit – How to Make Money this Month in Real Estate


Introducing… Buy With No Credit


What else makes this program 100% unique from other Real Estate programs?

You can use the material IMMEDIATELY. Rather than flipping through thousand-page texts, and listening to 36-hour audiotape courses, you’ll be finished with the material in my course in only a few hours.Of course, it’s a good idea to review the information on a regular basis — but the fact of the matter is, if you put the technique to use, you can invest in your first property in the next 90 days, without a credit check, and for $1-10.00 down — and that is a guarantee.

You will receive SPECIFIC instruction, rather than broad generalizations. Other courses will teach you “100 ways to skin a cat”, but in doing so, fail to give you specific instruction.

At Last: A course that “cuts to the chase” and exposes one proven technique that you can read today and apply for profits this month!!!

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get in our course…

+ How to recognize ads from sellers that are time-wasters for you… but uncover the gems you should contact immediately!
+ Where and when to run your own ad to get all the red-hot leads of motivated sellers you can handle… you’ll get the exact wording of ads we’ve used and proven to get your phone ringing off the hook.
+ The single killer idea an investor friend used to get 10 properties in just over 90 days… and all the homeowners came beating a path to his door… and how you can do the same!
+ How to use your business card to attract sellers like a magnet…
+ The jealously guarded questions we ask when making first contact with a homeowner… armed with this you’ll get the seller to tell you everything you need to know as if you’d injected them with a truth serum.
+ How to recognize an unmotivated seller quickly… and then how to terminate the call abruptly without being rude.
+ The one pillar of the deal you must not cover at this step or you’ll lose countless dollars.
+ Simple tactics to keep the upper hand during the phone interview without being deceptive… sneaky… or manipulative.
+ Two critical activities to do before you set foot in the seller’s home to dramatically boost your negotiating strength.
+ The single best place in the seller’s home for you to negotiate with the owner, so you remain firmly in the driving seat and instill confidence.
+ All the magic words and skillful maneuvers you need to put the homeowner in a receptive state of mind for your offer.
+ Exactly when and how to present your $1-$10 offer so it’s warmly and gladly accepted… do this at the wrong time and it’ll be the kiss of death for the deal!
+ How to negotiate complete control of the property… this one clause is the “Pathway to Riches” for you… never do a deal without it!
+ The 3 most important calculations you must do to super-size your income before re-marketing your property.
+ The two devices that’ll attract the very best tenant buyer into your property, and seduce them into paying a higher than market rent… and they’re ethical and legal… and worth sheer gold to you.
+ The top three ways to advertise, to create a herd of hot prospects stampeding to see your property. You get exact instructions on what – where – and when to advertise… for maximum impact! The simple no hassle way to qualify tenant buyers… exactly what to say and how to respond to questions.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg!

In this power packed course you’ll also discover…

+ The inside scoop on how to pay full price for a property yet still crank out tens of thousands of dollars from it to enlarge your bank account!
+ A whole chapter devoted to the most common questions you’ll get from the seller and the buyer… with easy to remember responses… this chapter is also just chock full of money-producing tips for you.
+ How to make sure you never get called in the middle of the night with plumbing problems… or get bludgeoned with thousands of dollars in repair bills that murders your profit.
+ How to make a profit on a home even when there’s little or no equity in it… this ingenious technique produces a truckload of dough for you!
+ The one trick you need to know to guarantee you walk away with the equity check when the tenant buys the property.
+ Find out how to demolish phone fear and talking to the owner… you’ll know the exact words so you’ll sound like an old pro and have them “eating out of your hand.”
+ Discover 6 powerful homeowner benefits that’ll wipe out any objections they’ll have to your offer.
+ 6 Deadly mistakes to avoid that’ll kill any deal quicker than a speeding bullet!
+ Learn 8 compelling tenant buyer benefits that’ll guarantee you don’t suffer the vacant property disease.
+ Learn how TC and Vickie’s Secret internet weapon they use that makes this business “like a knife thru hot butter!
+ How to assign your deal to another investor for lightning fast profits!

And a boatload more…


Buy With No Credit – How to Make Money this Month in Real Estate