Bulletproof Your Shoulders for Judo and Prevent Injuries


Bulletproof Your Shoulders for Judo and Prevent Injuries


With Bulletproof Your Shoulders for Judo You Will Strengthen, Stabilize and Protect Your Shoulders so You Can Enjoy an Injury FREE Judo Career. This program works if you don’t do Judo as well.

It is one of the most complex and injury prone joints in the human body. Couple this with the rigors of Judo training and sooner or later you are going to get a shoulder injury of some sort.

Countless Judoka and other elite athletes were forced to put training on hold for months at a time for a shoulder injury that could have easily been prevented with a few shoulder specific movements – but instead, these athletes neglect simple prehab movements that can prevent more injuries than you think.

The shoulder is one of the most injury prone joints in Judo

We all know the story of the Judoka who was training really hard, even doing some sort of weights program in the gym plus spending plenty of time on the tatami, making really fast progress. Then suddenly, they drop off the face of the planet.

After a while someone says, “hey where did John get to? I haven’t seen him in a while…? How come he disappeared? He was doing so well.” Then your coach or Sensei says, “Ah, he popped his shoulder some months ago and I haven’t seen him since. I told him he needed to stretch after practice but he never took my advice.”

In many cases, this kind of thing can be career-ending. Injuries in Judo are all too common and the shoulder is probably THE most injury prone joint.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right training and just a little bit of foresight, overuse injuries need never happen. While accidents can occur in randori, with the right knowledge you can rehabilitate just about any shoulder injury.

Yet so often people go under the knife and get surgery only to lengthen their time off Judo. Yes, if your labrum is torn, or a tendon in the rotator cuff has torn off then you may need to consider surgery. But otherwise nearly everything can be fixed with the correct exercises and treatment, if you know how!

Here is Where Most People go Wrong

Many physiotherapists and doctors only focus on one area of an injury and neglect focusing on the other causing factors.

95% of all shoulder problems DO NOT require surgery!

For example, if you tear your rotator cuff a physio will give you a few rotator cuff exercises, bill you $100 and ask you to come back next week, and they will do this for weeks on end until you get fed up paying for silly rubber band movements that don’t do much for you and certainly don’t fix your injury.

Although the stretches the physio prescribed may be correct, they still don’t address the whole problem, just PART of the problem.



This addresses more than just stretching and focus on the ENTIRE joint capsule including muscles, ligaments, tendons as well as other common causes such as sleeping positions and more.

It not only prescribes stretches, but also teaches effective foam rolling techniques, unique active release techniques as well as shoulder strengthening and stabilizing movements that will have your shoulder feeling stronger than it has in years.

Injury Proof Your Shoulders Today

By following my Bulletproof program you will:

Strengthen your shoulders
Stabilize the shoulder capsule
Develop a stronger pulling power (great for nage komi)
Prevent future shoulder injuries
Structurally Balance and stabilize the shoulders
Resolve Shoulder Pain
Rehabilitate Injuries

It has helped hundreds of athletes avoid shoulder injuries as well as helped injured athletes rehab their injury and come back stronger than ever before!

Develop Iron Clad Muscles and say Goodbye to Weak, Unstable Shoulders.

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Bulletproof Your Shoulders for Judo and Prevent Injuries