Build A Container Home Guide


Build A Container Home Guide

Recycling is all the rage these days and it makes sense for many to build homes from shipping-containers. It is also one of the more affordable and yet insanely creative ways to construct a home. However, you can’t just download a few videos off Youtube and hope to construct one after fifteen minutes. There’s a lot of ground work to finish and this product is the perfect solution to get started.

Introducing… Build A Container Home Guide

It was written by Warren Thatcher, a designer and builder who has been building container-homes for the past 14 years and counting. So why rely on it? Consider the following list of pros and cons to learn why:


  • You will need to learn everything from scratch, it gives all the information to you. From picking the right-container to designing the additional sections and choosing materials, everything is right here.
  • Did you know you also need a permit to construct your own container-home? Luckily this product will teach you through the step by step process of securing your building permit.
  • Not only do you get numerous designs to follow but the entire process for each design is laid out in a simple step by step procedure. Even without experience or expensive tools you can immediately get started building your dream container-home.
  • Each design was carefully thought out so you can get high quality materials and build a beautiful-home without spending too much money. You want to save without sacrificing quality and that is what you get with this product.
  • It is only $47 and it also comes with a money back guarantee. This is a downloadable so there’s no waiting involved after purchasing and you can print off any design that you want.


  • It is only available online and each of its page is in digital format. This does mean that you will need to print pages if you want to hold a physical copy in your hand.


They are economic choices and beautiful choices. They are ideal for people on a tight budget and those who are into green movements and recycling. With this product you can achieve your dream house by building it step by step and without the worry of overspending or sacrificing either beauty and safety.

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