Breakup Reversed: Get Your Ex Back Book


Breakup Reversed: Get Your Ex Back Book


How To Reverse Your Situation So Your Ex Fights Day And Night To Get You Back…Even If It Seems Hopeless

What if you could start over? What if you could turn back time and get your relationship back to what it used to be? Even if your current situation seems too far gone or too complicated.

Believe it or not most relationships can be saved. Almost every break up, whether it be for infidelity, lost passion, endless lies, lack of appreciation, money problems, meddling in-laws or even serving a prison sentence. No situation is completely hopeless. Just look at all the convicted felons and murderers that get back with their lovers and wives after being incarcerated for years.

Why It’s Not Over

You are probably shaking your head in doubt? Yet why shouldn’t you be able to do what other couples have done?

All of us know couples that have gotten back together. Either she takes him back or vice versa.

“Couples Get Back Together Every Day, Even In Situations Worse Than Yours”

How is it that they are able to recapture their lost love in even the worst of circumstances? Is there some sort of secret or technique to getting your lover back with recharged love and passion?

What did they do that was so special? Did they use some sort of “magic” on their ex’s to get them back? NO, but somehow, they said and did the right things at the right time, mostly by accident. And almost like magic, they were back in love or at least in a situation where they got a second chance.

But what if there was a way to win back the heart of your lover that wasn’t just by chance or accident?

What if you could know exactly what they said and what they did when they were successful? What if you could put this to use to light up the passion again…to help you return to a time when your love was new, fresh and exciting…

You Can, With A Kind Of Love Remedy…

There is in fact a way to get back the desire, passion and love from someone that slipped away. You can even have them doing everything to get you back.

You see, you can use proven techniques that others used by “accident” on purpose to win back the heart of your love and keep it forever.

WARNING: These Are Unconventional Methods!

Once you understand the mistakes your making and what you need to do, your ex will be fighting to get you back. Once you understand these relationship truths, you’ll get your relationship back to the good old times.

Introducing… Breakup Reversed


The only relationship system in existence that will teach you how to have your Ex “Begging” to get you back, especially if you’re the only one trying… Guaranteed !

Here Is A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Copy Of “Breakup Reversed: Get Your Ex Back Book” Today:

  • How to reverse the situation so your ex fights day and night to get you back, even if you’re the only trying
  • How to get instant relief from the pain, emotional stress and depression of a fresh breakup… You’ll feel better in just minutes and start thinking straight again!
  • Discover the tell-tale clue that tells you if your ex still wants you. It doesn’t matter what they said… This is all you need to look for!
  • Did your man cheat? Learn the dirty tricks some women use to steal your man. Reverse the situation with the ONE THING men crave more the food, sports and even sex!
  • What every man must know about what women want…if she doesn’t get this, she’ll find it with someone else. Once your master this simple technique she’ll be begging to get back with you.
  • The REAL reason men leave women and the one thing you can do to make sure you keep him happy and yours forever! (and it’s not sex)
  • Are they dating someone else? An easy 3-step system that uses the fact that over 90% of all rebound relationships never work out to your advantage
  • Did you cheat? How to quickly and easily wipe the slate clean, using secret techniques that brings forgiveness in the shortest amount of time
  • The absolute best time to apologize from what you’ve done. Don’t do this and you’ll ruin your chances for good!
  • 7 techniques you must know to win back their heart, mind and soul. Without these you might as well give up right now.
  • Turn back the hands of time and take back hurtful things you said. The virtually unknown method that permanently erases what you said in your ex’s mind.
  • Learn the Instant Reconnection Technique that used on its own would reverse almost all breakups. This “secret process” will trick your ex lovers mind, they’ll feel like you’re still together. This uses the power of their subconscious to get them back.
  • How to avoid the 12 biggest mistakes you can make while you’re on a date with your ex. Follow these proven steps and avoid saying or doing something you’ll regret.
  • No more mistimed Sex… Uncover the best time to have sex during the makeup process. (Hint: Women almost always sleep with him too soon and men take way to long)
  • These Bonding Secrets are so powerful they explain why hostages sometimes bond with their kidnappers. Virtually undetectable, these techniques work on 99.9% of people to create instant, strong bonds.
  • How to recapture the romance that the two of you had when you first met. The easy cure to breaking negative relationship patterns.
  • A secret trick that every women should know that will make him unable to get you out of his mind. He will start calling you again and you will be shocked at the complete transformation he makes.
  • Worried about fighting once you’re back together? How to instantly diffuse any fight in seconds in a way that leaves you laughing and more in love than ever. You will swear this technique is magic because it works so well!
  • And much, much more…

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Breakup Reversed: Get Your Ex Back Book