Breaking Up with Sugar: End Your Battle with Sugar Cravings Today


Breaking Up with Sugar: End Your Battle with Sugar Cravings Today


Are You Ready To End Your Sugar Cravings & Get Rid Of Those Extra Pounds?

WARNING: Your happiness, health, and confidence is being threatened by a lethal addictive substance that is not only legal, but laced into your food…. everywhere.

The culprit: SUGAR.

Look out for the warning signs if you…

  1. Can’t say “No” when offered dessert (even if you are on a strict diet)
  2. Frequently binge on chocolate or cookies when you are tired or stressed
  3. Feel cranky or unbalanced if you haven’t had something sweet to eat
  4. Think something is “wrong” with you, because you just can’t seem to lose weight

If any of this is true for you, then you’re probably addicted to sugar and may even be facing serious health risks, physically and emotionally.

Starting Today, You Have The Chance To Change This Reality – FOR GOOD.

You can start living a life without the guilt, negative self-talk, and sabotage — not next year, not next month, but TODAY.

But… “How is that even possible?! I love chocolate WAY too much.”

Let’s look at some shocking facts.

  • The average American consumes 3 lbs of sugar each week, or 3,550 lbs over a lifetime — that’s enough sugar to fill an industrial sized dumptruck!
  • Scientists are discovering that sugar is a bigger culprit to weight gain and retention – NOT fat.
  • Over 2/3 the American and Australian population are overweight or obese
  • Sugar has ZERO nutritional value: 0 vitamins, 0 minerals, 0 enzymes, 0 fibers. Nadda.
  • According to brain scans, sugar is as addictive as cocaine.

Yikes. The good news? You don’t have to be a victim of this…

All you need are the right tools and a little support to go with it, to free you from cravings, binging, guilt, and excess weight.

Your brain is programmed to crave sugar.

It’s not your fault. You can blame it on your brain.

You’ve been eating sugar for most of your life. This physical and mental programming likely started before you can even remember!

It all started with…

…Your first birthday cake (The one that ended up all over your face)

…Or that first ecstatic taste of ice cream (that got you craving that creamy goodness for the rest of your life)

…And what about that reward for being “good” at the doctor’s office (“Here’s a lolly pop, kid!”)?

Yes, basically from the moment you fell down and wouldn’t stop crying till you got a cookie, you’ve been hooked and the sweets just kept on coming– from mom’s special cake, or those after school chocolate bars, to those sugar packed sodas you live on that keep you moving through the afternoon slump.

But you weren’t born this way. Your brain was conditioned to use sugar as a sweet “reward” to ease the pain of living, to get that quick boost of energy—or even to satisfy a craving for more love.

You could say that parts of your brain have been programmed—sort of like the way you program a computer.

Repeat a pattern long enough and it becomes a habit; an unconscious behavior calling the shots seemingly beyond your control…

And that’s what can make change feel so impossible.

The Good News?

You Have The Incredible Capacity To Reprogram Your Brain To Change Those Attachments.

Imagine if you could stop slipping back into old habits by getting your thoughts to work for you, instead of against you?

Yes, like everything else, your brain is malleable – cells are constantly changing in the body.

With the correct tools for retraining your brain, you can regain control and be back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

All you need to know is a simple 5-step process to uncover the hidden motivators behind this sneaky culprit.

Introducing… Breaking Up with Sugar: End Your Battle with Sugar Cravings Today


This training program has been designed to make this break-up enjoyable and fun — not dreadful and tedious.

The program is comprised of 3 types of engaging and powerful information:

Listen / Watch – Listen to Insights, the first session of each step, to get help with your sugar eating habits. These sessions provide support and prepare you for success in the exercises for each step.

Reflect – Next, complete the Journal Entry worksheets. Download and print these worksheets, and scribble down all your thoughts. These exercises are essential for your success in the Brain Training sessions.

Relax – Find a comfortable seated position to listen and follow along with the Brain Training audio sessions. These are the most important part of your habit transformation, as you literally re-program your mind.

Breaking Up With Sugar Will Be The Most Liberating, Insightful and Rejuvenating Things You May Ever Do.

AND you’ll get to enjoy a training method and optimized learning platform designed to maximize your results. Consider it a little icing on the cake for you…

Go Ahead & Treat Yourself With A New Type Of Sweet… Achievement.

Get Control Of Your Sugar Cravings Before Another Year Of Struggle Creeps Up On You.

You know how it goes – weight loss and health goals usually only last a short while. And year by year another pound or two inches up and becomes your new “normal”.

But this year can be different.

All you have to do is take one small step forward.

There’s nothing sweeter than the satisfaction and confidence which comes from seeing positive results in front of your eyes.

End your abusive relationship with sugar, and begin to enjoy the sweetness of life that comes from re-gain power and control.

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Breaking Up with Sugar: End Your Battle with Sugar Cravings Today