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How to Organize the Most Memorable Happy Occasion

Entertainment is the most integral and memorable part of any happy occasion. Whatever delicious food and drinks are available to your guests, they will never replace the pleasure of humor and fun that your guests will experience under your guidance.

In this book you’ll learn a few ways in which you can entertain your guests, no matter their age.

Introducing… Brain Teasers, Tricks & Entertainment


Chapter 1 – The Magical Flying Balls.

The gist of the trick is that the balls will, somehow, magically swap positions…

Chapter 2 – Ten Matches.

Place ten matches on the table and tell your audience, “I am leaving the room. One of you must touch a match, Only YOU will be able to accomplish that! And only one match! When I return to the room, I must determine which match you touched.” You can ask anyone else in your audience to perform this trick. But they will not be able to correctly identify the match that was touched…

Chapter 3 – Fifteen Matches.

Play with only one of your guests. The rules of the game: there are fifteen matches. Each player will take one, two, or three matches at once, but not more than three. Whoever takes the last match, loses. You will always win because Only YOU know the secrets of this trick.

Chapter 4 – Very funny and good stories and jokes.

Chapter 5 – Ask your friends a philosophical question in order to get from them a true picture of who are the realists and who are the romantics

Chapter 6 – If they want to learn a little more about themselves, give them another test featured in this book. I’m sure they’ll be pleased to answer!

This is a wonderful book to attract attention from people. They will think you are an extraordinary, interesting, versatile, and very intelligent person.
You will see confirmation of this very soon.

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Brain Teasers, Tricks & Entertainment