Boxing Training Program – Boxing Guide Video


Boxing Training Program – Boxing Guide Video


The Secrets of Boxing Made Simple

Get the most outstanding boxing learning resources out there. See REAL results REAL quick!

Master footwork, execute deadly combination punching and become a defensive genius, being as elusive as you are dangerous. Get a super-fit, ultra-toned physique and get under the skin of boxing and bring the wonderful simplicity of this sport into your life. Whether for combat, self-defence or fitness you can achieve amazing results.

No longer will you wonder how the great fighters perform, from Wladimir Klitschko to Floyd Mayweather. From Mike Tyson to Sugar Ray Leonard. From Marvin Hagler to Manny Pacquiao. Understand boxing from the basics up and you can achieve anything.


boxing-training-foundation-coverThis training has become a boxing resource on the Web that boxing people are happy to recommend. It provides the ‘jigsaw pieces’; the real key to the kingdom; a logical and structured way that you could assemble all of those individual pieces into a boxing style and level of fitness of which you would be proud in order to form a complete boxing coaching experience. It is the most effective, interactive boxing coaching experience anywhere on the Internet.

This training has 6 objectives in mind:

– Provide a set of resources that would make the benefits of boxing training fully accessible to all, whatever their level of knowledge or experience of the sport.

– Create a true coaching experience. A training regime that was practical, realistic and packed with benefits that could be gained quickly and more importantly be enhanced over months and years.

– Deliver detailed, consistent and specific coaching advice on the key areas of boxing fitness and boxing skills required to successfully establish the ideal basics. 95% of what the champions do are the basics, they just do them very well.

– Ensure that within a couple of hours you would be self-sufficient in defining your future in terms of boxing skills and boxing fitness. You will have a framework that you can adapt, depending upon your needs, circumstances and even mood.

– Provide unique boxing learning and fitness resources that are head and shoulders above anything else available out there, and would provide you with jaw-dropping value for money.

– Provide an interesting alternative to the modern, chrome-laden, fake-tan swamped, sterile gymnasiums that offer tread mills, rowing machines, exercise bikes and weight machines. Improving your physical fitness by learning a technical discipline is much more likely to culminate in a true ‘change of lifestyle’. There is a reason why so many gym memberships lay dormant whilst the monthly fee continues to be taken.

Learn boxing in just 10 days.

This 4-week Program can turn you into Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Become a boxer in 10 easy steps.


Imagine the possibilities…

Expert boxing coaching – Amaze yourself with your accelerated progress to fighting perfection. Precise, clear and highly effective coaching that will allow you to build powerful combinations of punches along with defensive skills that will leave opponents punching fresh air. You can become the fighter that you deserve to be by developing your skills!

Build power and endurance – With a high intensity workout lasting under an hour, watch excess weight fall away to reveal the ultimate fighting physique. Marvel at your new found staying power and dynamite increase in your power-to-weight ratio.

Tried and tested methods – Use techniques that were successfully applied to develop top performing fighters. Real world boxing skills that will take you to the next level, all achieved within a varied and authentic training session.

Coach yourself and others – Quickly identify and fix problems with your boxing style and even get to the point of coaching others. Learn to analyze your style and really develop a coach’s eye.

Get to a good place! – Build the self-assurance and self-confidence that is shown by all top performers. Feel good, look good and perform great.

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Boxing Training Program – Boxing Guide Video