Bookkeeping The Easy Way: Basic Double-entry Fundamentals


Bookkeeping The Easy Way: Basic Double-entry Fundamentals


Using A New, Never Seen Before Unique Method That’s Easier To Understand Than Elementary School Arithmetic, You Can Now Find Out How Easy It Really Is To Understand The Fundamental Concepts Of Basic Bookkeeping, A 500 Year-Old Venetian Art That Is Woven Into The Fabric Of The Worldwide Business Community Today.

Have you ever noticed how some fairly new, or even second or third year Accounting students, along with most Business Owners, Accounts Clerks and Computer Operators struggle with the perceived mysteries of basic double-entry bookkeeping?

They make debit entries to accounts which they should be crediting and vice-versa. They just don’t have a grasp of what it’s all about.

They embarrass themselves by making elementary errors.

Others, however, seem to have it all figured out. They make the correct entries first time, whether manually or by computer.

As well as not having to waste time figuring out where they have gone wrong during the compiling process, the people who understand it all, are able to quickly produce accurate and meaningful financial or management accounts that balance first time!

So what’s the difference?

Introducing… “Bookkeeping The Easy Way: Basic Double-entry Fundamentals”


Are YOU one of the billions of people worldwide, that this E-book would help? If you can identify yourself with some, or even only one, of the following groups of people, then you most certainly are:

  • Fairly new accounting students, just beginning their study courses
  • Second or even third year students who get distracted from more complicated issues by still having to think long and hard about relatively simple bookkeeping entries
  • Business people who want to keep their own manual records
  • Business people or computer operators who are just interested to know how their computer programs keep their records straight
  • Just ordinary family men, women, or couples, who want to keep better track of their income, and to where it is disappearing
  • Anybody else who is fascinated how accountants can produce balance sheets that “balance”.

If you fit into one, or more, of these groups, then “Bookkeeping The Easy Way: Basic Double-entry Fundamentals” IS FOR YOU!

Here’s just some of the things you’ll discover when you get inside:

  • Which accounts in the ledger require to be adjusted, to ensure that the ledger, as a whole, accurately reflects the position of your or your client’s enterprise
  • By referring to the never-before seen diagram which is included in the book, how to know when an entry should be a debit or a credit
  • How to decide whether an accrual or prepayment needs to be reversed in the following month or year, thus avoiding the possibility of duplicating a charge against the profits
  • Discover whether an account “Tells A Story” or “Paints A Picture”….
  • Finally, there’s another unique concept to make things even clearer…. Is an account “A Goodie” or “A Baddie”? What the devil can I mean by that? Don’t worry, this great little book makes sense of it all.

It doesn’t matter which category of interested person you fall into, the benefits and advantages of what Bookkeeping The Easy Way: Basic Double-entry Fundamentals will give you are immense.

This E-book approaches the perceived difficulties of bookkeeping from a completely unique angle to any other text book on the subject.

An angle that brings, what has always been considered to be one of the most boring subjects on the planet, TO LIFE! Everything is explained in plain, logically set out English, which is very easy to read and understand.

The unique concept is centered on an easily understood diagram, which is set out in the book. In addition, all but 1 of the painstakingly explained examples in the final chapter, is accompanied by a smaller version of the diagram which proves that the concept “works” in every imaginable situation.

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Bookkeeping The Easy Way: Basic Double-entry Fundamentals