Boer Goat Profits Guide – Boer Goat Farming Business


Boer Goat Profits Guide – Boer Goat Farming Business


Imagine YOU, Raising Your Own Herd Of Boer Goats Profitably! Here’s How You Can Move Closer To That Reality

You’ve probably spent hours looking for this kind of information online. You can try, but you just won’t find these personal secrets anywhere else.

Just like sitting across from each expert and talking with them over a cup of coffee, you will feel quite at home as they share with you the answers you’ve been wanting to know to questions such as…

What types of vegetation do they thrive on?
What is the advantage of rearing them compared to other goats?
What is the best number to start a decent meat goat production business?
Where are the best places to buy them from?
What should I look for in a good rating?
What is the life span on average of Boer goats?
What is the profitability compared to other breeds of goat and other livestock?
Are they prone to getting any particular diseases or health problems? Which ones?
Can I keep them in a small area (like a feedlot) and still keep them productive?
How many should I keep per acre of grass field?
What is the best age or weight to breed a doe?
What is the length of pregnancy of a doe?
How can I get them to produce twins (or triplets)?
How do you know when a doe is ready to breed?
What things can I do to improve the quality of my herd as quickly and cheaply as possible?
What things should I look for when I’m buying breeding stock?
What does “synchronizing the breeding season” mean, and how can I do it?
What is the best feed I can give to keep them healthy?
What type of fencing is best?
What injections do they need to get?
What treatments do I need to give my Boer kids right after they’re born?
What’s the best way to market them?
Can they be used for milk, as well as meat?
What by-products of them can I sell?

The answers to all of these questions and more are yours to discover. The Boer Goat Profits Guide Power Pack is just jam-packed full of practical and potentially very profitable information.

“Virtually Every Facet of Information is Covered for You Inside These 10 Hours of Expert Interviews”

The Business Issues (like how many acres you need and what the marketable by-products are)
The Care Issues (like feeding, breeding, and necessary vaccinations)
And much more!

You’ll Actually Hear Real Farmers Tell You What’s Involved In Running A Boer Goat Farming Business To Generate A Full Time Income!

All In All, This Is a Tremendous Collection of New Interviews, Not Available Anywhere Else

Now You Really Can Get Solid Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions About Earning A Full Time Income With Boer Goats, Without Driving from Farm to Farm, Or Even Leaving Home!

This really is the most comprehensive set of insights and strategies about the Boer goat business for beginners ever crammed into 10 hours of audio.

So if you want to hear for yourself how every day people (with no previous experience in goats) can make a full time income while enjoying the outdoors and bonding with these happy and rambunctious critters then click to own your copy right now!

You’ll have over 10 hours of vital information about raising them for profit in these MP3s. Listen to them over and over again, any time you want, until they’re “a part of you”. Plus now you get a 56 page super-summary!

The whole package was specifically prepared with the potential Boer goat owner in mind, and is backed by a 60 day guarantee. So if you’re even remotely interested in raising these animals for profit, then order right now.


Boer Goat Profits Guide – Boer Goat Farming Business