Body Language: Discover and Learn How to Read Physical Expression



Body Language: Discover and Learn How to Read Physical Expression


Many people think that the most popular way of communicating with other people is through the mouth. But what they didn’t know is that actual verbal communication accounts to only around 10% (or even less) of the overall means to convey a message.

Moreover, you can never determine the truthfulness or sincerity of people by what they say alone. In fact, words transmitted verbally oftentimes do not reflect what people really think or feel. The only way you can determine their true inner feelings and thoughts is by reading their body language.

Have you often wondered why some people make you feel inferior, or how some people are able to communicate so completely, often times without uttering a word? In those situations and so many more, the people with the power have learned how to use subtle signals to their advantage, from landing that sweet job to the perfect partner.

Have you wished you could read subtle signals better, notice those subtle cues that could offer you a wealth of information about the person with whom you are conversing?

Often times subtle signals are missed because we are either not paying close enough attention to the person we are engaged in conversation with, or we simply do not know how to read them.

Introducing… “Body Language: Discover and Learn How to Read Physical Expression”


This can give you the inside track on the numerous different types of subtle signals people use every day. Effective people use 50% subtle signals and 50% verbal communication to express themselves.

Its use alone can take a situation that you would normally be submissive in and turn it around to where you control all the power. It is far more powerful than most give it credit. From the way initial you greet a person to the closing of a conversation alone can make or break a otherwise perfect job interview. As you are as you carry yourself, so is everyone else.

Think of the advantage you could have over another by having a really strong idea as to how they are feeling before even expressing themselves.

It is as unique as you are. Although no two people will exhibit the same types of cues, by knowing all the cues will not matter. You will never have to wonder how another person is feeling ever again. You will never have to wonder if it is the right day to ask the boss for a raise or to ask your spouse about that new car you have wanted to buy.

Through Body Language: Discover and Learn How to Read Physical Expression, you will be able to decode hidden emotions.

You may even decipher if a person is telling the truth or not!

You could go to your local library and check out book after book and spend days reading or you could simplify and get everything you need right here in just one e-Book. It can answer any questions you have ever had in regards to this subject and set you on the path of having more control over your own body and how others perceive you.

Inside “Body Language: Discover and Learn How to Read Physical Expression” you will find everything you need to know about how to read 15 different categories of subtle signals. Not just 15 cues or gestures, 15 categories packed with every type of possible gesture or cue possible.

Each category is packed with subcategories so not even the most subtle movement will have you questioning its meaning. Do you want to learn how to counteract power subtle signals? This guide will help you do just that. Do you want to know just how to take a person from a closed stance to a more accepting open movement? This guide will answer that for you as well as many other situations from defensive counteractions as well as aggressive counter actions.

Body Language: Discover and Learn How to Read Physical Expression will teach you how to recognize various emotions or feelings such as nervousness, openness, anger, boredom, doubt, frustration, or excitement simply by observing facial expressions, postures, and gestures.

You can use the knowledge to identify if confidence, dominance, and other characteristics are existing in people. On the contrary, you may also perform these gestures when you want to convey certain personality traits to subconsciously influence others. Cool, isn’t it?

After reading this book, you will never look at the world the same way again. You’ll be able to immediately interpret certain actions and adapt to any situation.

Communicating with other people would become a much easier task. You will have a better understanding of people. It’s like your eyes will be opened to the world for the very first time.

This science is very easy and fun to learn. With this book, you will be reading and making subtle signals to achieve the success you’ve always longed for – in no time at all.

Do yourself a big favor and get a copy of this ebook!

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Body Language: Discover and Learn How to Read Physical Expression