Body Groove Delicious Dance Fitness Workout & Exercises


body-groove-imageBody Groove Delicious Dance Fitness Workout & Exercises


A body-changing calisthenics that comes from inside you.

Think organic food is yummy? Try organic calisthenics!

Your body is a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Different in a million ways from every other person. Your passions are unique. Your challenges are, too. No canned, one-size-fits-all workout routine could ever unlock the healthy, whole and thriving life you deserve.

Introducing… Body Groove Delicious Dance for Fitness Workout & Exercisesbody-groove-cover

This is a fresh approach to fitness and health. It starts by putting you and your body in charge. Your body knows how you need to move, and Body Groove gives you a positive way to express yourself.

Each routine combines powerful music with fun and simple dance moves. Once you learn the basics of each move, you’re totally free to explore new variations – it’s all up to you.

Because you create each workout routine by tapping into the groove, every workout will be different. You’ll never feel bored or burnt out again. And no matter what you’re looking for – from a slow, sensuous stretch to a heart-pounding, high-energy channel – This has it all.

Each routine is based on a music piece composed specifically for this. Misty and her team of expert choreographers carefully create the perfect structure of basic moves that give plenty of room for you to add your own improvisation

Perfect Music and Dance.


Perfect Choreography Structured for Improvization.

And this incorporates all different styles of music and any style – from hip hop to ballet. You can choose what YOU want to do.

Even if you’ve never danced before, you’ll find this is easy to do – and you can challenge yourself as your skill and fitness level increases.

No matter what your level is, this was made for you. You don’t need to worry about keeping up with anyone else. Your path to health, happiness and fitness will be unique.

It is based on real truth about loving our bodies. There is never any guilt or shame involved. There is no competition. The only thing that matters is how you move, and how you feel.

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Body Groove Delicious Dance Fitness Workout & Exercises