Boat Safety Tips


Boat Safety Tips


Building a boat or owning a boat is surely a dream come true for many, subsequently, being safe while boating is very important. It doesn’t mean that because you own the boat you could do what you like. Remember you own only the boat, not the water. The boat may take your commands but not the water. Water could be dangerous in as much as it is refreshing.

Many accidents have taken place during boating sprees and it was noticed that the majority of accidents were caused due to the use of alcohol while boating. The other major factors that add to tragic accidents are lack of attention, inexperience, carelessness and speeding.

One should always keep in mind that alcohol should be kept offshore and not on the boat. You should never use alcohol before or during a boat operation. The effects of alcohol act extremely high when exposed to sun, wind, noise and vibration. While boating you surely come in contact with these aspects which aggravate the alcohol in you.

You must have a professional boat operator with you on your first boating expedition. This is mandatory because it is not the road that you are traveling on, it is water and though you have your life jacket etc. there are chances of you not being able to save yourself.

Over speeding is totally abolished when boating. This is extremely dangerous and must be avoided by all means. Practice careful boating and you will enjoy the trip better.

While boarding the boat a few important items need to be packed together with you. Life jackets and special floatation devices, fire extinguishers if you have an enclosed boat, boat lights in case of darkness, emergency supplies of food and drink, and most of all an anchor for your boat.

The U.S. coast guard recommends that you wear your life jackets while on boat. Make sure to charge your batteries before boarding so that you can make use of the lights if you are having difficulty to see your way. There should always be plenty of food and water available throughout the journey.

The anchor is the most important part of the boat. You must see that you have a proper anchor and have prior practice of how to use the anchor because improper anchoring may cause fatal accidents and loss of life as well.

Check if you have an up-to-date registration and make sure to display the registration sticker. Take precautions about landing; do not land in areas where it is not allowed.

Tell someone near your house or neighborhood where you are going and when you will return, so that it could help at a time of crisis. When you have fueled your boat open all the hatches and run the blower and don’t start the engine if you smell fuel or see fumes anywhere.

Follow these simple rules and have a safe boating experience.

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