Boat Design Software Review


Boat Design Software Review


My grandfather loves boating. In fact, the first memory that I have of my grandfather is that of him sitting in his boat. When Josh (my younger brother) and I were young, grandpa used to take us fishing in his pale green boat. We couldn’t tell then, but it used to be the happiest moment of grandpa’s day. So this year when Josh suggested that we personally ‘design’ a boat for grandpa’s 60 birthday present, I instantly thought it was a good idea.

The problem was that none of us knew anything about designing a boat. So we decided to purchase a tool for assistance. As we did not have too much money to spend, we were essentially looking for something that was both, cheap and effective. Plus, we also needed a tool that was easy to use for beginners like us.

The first thing that drew our attention towards Boat Design Software was that fact that in a world full of designing software starting from $150, this one came for under $50!! There was no long procedure or anything to get the software; we simply paid the money and downloaded it in one click.


When Josh and I started working on the gift boat with this software, we were amazed to note how easy it was to follow the instructions. There were proper visual and graphical elaborations to make every step self explanatory. Once we were able to fully design our gift boat, this superb tool let us add different background color and images so that we could get a look and feel of it.

The best part about this software was that it came with a multiple PC license with which I could install it both, on my home computer and my school library. So this way I could utilize all my free time in school working on the boat.

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