BlueFixPro Fix Blue Screen of Death – Detailed Review


BlueFixPro Fix Blue Screen of Death – Detailed Review


I guess Microsoft decided it’d be their next victim for their mysterious creation – the infamous Blue Screen of Death. It all began one morning after I woke up when I went to turn my Dell PC on, and much to my dismay the computer did not turn on as it normally would. Instead I was greeted with a not-so-friendly Blue Screen – I knew immediately what it was, so I began searching around the web for a fix, but not only could I not find any useful solutions, I was also not willing to try out solutions given by a random computer user. I prefer to source professional help when it comes to electronics, but I was not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get a computer technician to check my computer! That is when I came across BlueFixPro.


After apprehensively paying these guys I thought maybe I had made a mistake; I had never heard of these guys before, and certainly not of Tim Rivers, the owner and creator of this product. But thankfully I was backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, which was safeguarded by a third party payment processor, so I could get a refund at any time if I was unsatisfied with my purchase. But I definitely wasn’t disappointed – they live up to their claims of helping you fix the issue today.

After entering the member’s section I was presented with 9 helpful videos and the ‘main guide’, which was the bread and butter of the repair. Because I couldn’t access my computer as per normal, I had to access my computer in safe mode. Once in safe mode I was told to download a program, which would help me figure out the error code I was getting. And the rest is history really – once I figured out my stop code, the guide directed me on how to fix the problem; turns out I had missing and outdated drivers, so once I fixed this, my computer was back to normal!

If your computer has fallen victim to this dreaded problem, then I personally recommend this product and let Tim Rivers help you personally fix the problem today!

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