Blast 5 Training System: How to Build Muscle for Maximum Strength


Blast 5 Training System: How to Build Muscle for Maximum Strength


This was designed to get you fearsomely strong while building muscle mass.

There are two worlds… so similar, yet so different, that when brought together in just the right way, muscle building magic happens. These two worlds are the world of bodybuilding and the world of powerlifting.

A strategically and scientifically planned, well-implemented weekly, full body and combinatorial bodybuilding /powerlifting routine might as well be a friggin magic muscle spell.

This killer combination not only gives your muscles increased explosive energy and well-rounded bulging biceps (from bodybuilding), but at the same time it changes your muscles at the molecular level to enhance their raw mechanical manpower (from powerlifting).

What’s more is that your entire body, from head to toe will be worked out in an even fashion that on top of pure strength and raw energy gains, trains muscle coordination and enhances neuromuscular junction connectivity and the mind-body connection, giving you real world, practical and explosive power, with the body to prove it.

Introducing… Blast 5 Training System: How to Build Muscle for Maximum Strength

This program puts you ahead of the game.

No stone gets unturned.

Look, the fact is that you’re going to be spending the same amount of time and gas driving to either autodealer anyway – why would you say “No thanks” to the Lamborghini with the Lamborghini engine?

Why not have the best of both worlds? You’re going to be putting in the same amount of time, effort, and dedication to build an extremely muscular physique anyway, why miss out on B.L.A.S.T. 5 power and strength? I don’t know about you, but I want to dominate in every sector including muscular size, muscular strength, and overall power. I want it all, and so should you. That’s what following B.L.A.S.T. 5 will give you – the best of both worlds.

Optimizing, upgrading and tuning for higher torque and horsepower is THE force that makes that Lamborghini’s V12 engine perform like the car of your dreams. It has one purpose – to deliver as much horsepower as fast as possible. Likewise, training and building mass for raw strength and manpower is THE force that makes a man’s mind, body, health and spirit in top-notch condition, having you perform at your utmost best.

When your performance level is top notch and things go banana sandwich, you’re ready to get up and go, ready to explode full force, at high speed, and take on any challenge that comes your way.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Try this Program

“Blast 5 Training System: How to Build Muscle for Maximum Strength” gives you that thick, hard and tough look through powerful compound lifts (including the squat, deadlift, and bench press) that train multiple muscles at the same time allowing you to lift the heaviest loads (through powerlifting principles).

Strengthens your CNS (Central Nervous System) whose main priority is to keep you alive at all costs. Your CNS wants to protect you from physical threats and ensure your survival until you procreate. This program gets your CNS honed for heavier loads and weight.

This not only gets you more muscular, but stronger and more powerful with DAMN heavy deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Stronger muscles are more capable muscles in every sense. If you’re strong, it’s easier to get bigger. And if you’re big, it’s easier to get stronger. It trains both size and strength.

Attacks your muscles from all angles with bodybuilding training principles built in, giving you that thick, powerful chest, commanding and broad shoulders, a wide and dense back, shirt-stretching, super-hero looking arms, and a dominant V-Taper shape.

It’s Empowering. Walking around with a huge chest, huge arms, and nice wide back is one thing. But there’s nothing that compares to the pride felt when deadlifting 3x your bodyweight, or bench pressing 2x your bodyweight. Being strong is a different type of feeling that you carry with you. The confidence that comes from being strong can be applied across all aspects of your life, helping you be successful in everything you take on.

This ain’t your daddy’s muscle building program

“Blast 5 Training System: How to Build Muscle for Maximum Strength” Is Designed For People Who…

  • Are already training hard and have at least 3-6 months of training experience.*
  • Are real action takers and ready to put in work instead of just fantasizing, dreaming and talking about it.
  • Are not afraid to get out of their comfort zones and push themselves to an extraordinary level of training they’ve never experienced before.
  • Want to take their strength and power levels to the next level, while putting on pounds of muscle all over their body.
  • Are ready to take charge of their own lives and do whatever it takes to transform themselves from mediocre to extraordinary.

If you’re looking for a beginner workout program, then this program is not for you.

Here’s A Taste of What “Blast 5 Training System: How to Build Muscle for Maximum Strength” Looks Like:

Phase 1 (Weeks 1-4) – TRAIN STRENGTH

1. Choose whether you want to follow the “Hulk Up” phase or the “Get Shredded” phase, depending on if you want to gain pounds of serious muscle mass and size, or if you want to become ultra lean, shredded and ripped.

2. You’ll be training the big 3 (squat, deadlift, bench press) while surrounding them with bodybuilding movements to stimulate your muscle fibers and get the muscle memory and movement down.

3. In this phase you’ll be really hammering away with a higher number of reps to get you mentally and physically prepped for the following phases. You’ll be working with explosive movements to ignite your CNS, teaching your body to move with maximal velocity and force.

Phase 2 (Weeks 5-8) – GET STRONGER

1. This is the phase that you’ll shock your body with even heavier weight than Phase 1 and get your ligaments, joints and bones ready to be strengthened preparing them for much heavier loads.

2. You’ll really grasp onto the different mindsets required to switch from the Power mindset to the Size mindset. They are two completely different animals.

3. During this phase you’ll really start feeling “strong” overall. Your physique will start to look more balanced, aesthetic, and complete. Your CNS will be trained to recruit and fire more muscle, which you’ll be using to build even more muscle since more muscles will be recruited in all of your movements.

4. If you’re at the phase where you’re looking to trim down some bodyfat, B.L.A.S.T. 5 offers 7 different cardio types you can easily throw in 2-3x/week.

Phase 3 (Weeks 9-13) – SUPER STRONG

1. At this stage, you are officially training the big 3 like a powerlifter. You’re working with very, very heavy weight and the strongest you have ever been.

2. Because you’ve been continuing to hit your other muscles with high volume bodybuilding style training, your shoulders will be much broader and your physique transformed into someone who not only looks strong, but is strong.

3. If you followed the “Hulk Up” phase, you should expect at least an inch added to your arms with giant, muscular and vascular forearms.

4. If you followed the “Get Shredded” phase, your muscles will be much more visible, and you’ll have a “dense and powerful” look to your frame while being lean.

5. Your CNS will be primed and comfortable with handling very heavy loads of weight. Your CNS will be able to fire more than 30% of available muscle fibers.

Phase 4 (Weeks 13-16) – STRONGEST

1. Phase 4 is when you’ll receive the most strength gains throughout the whole system (at least 30-40lbs to your bench press, squat, & deadlift).

2. You are hammering away at your body and you will feel like a piece of steel — unbreakable. If you’re an athlete, get ready to dominate in your sport with your super boost in power.

3. You should have also gained at least 16-32lbs of muscle if you followed the “Hulk Up” phase.

4. You should have cut at least 16-32lbs if you followed the “Get Shredded” phase.

6. Your shoulders and back should be nice and wide from all of your deadlifts and back training, giving you that sought after V-shape. Your whole physique should have a “powerful” look to it even with clothes on.

7. Your muscles will be much more “dense” and thick. Your physique will look 10x more balanced overall from hitting all of your stabilizers.

Phase 5 (Week 17) – DELOAD

1. B.L.A.S.T. 5 Training takes a lot from your body, mind and spirit. This is by design, only to make you stronger than you were before on all three levels. Week 17 is your deload week; a chance for your body to catch up, repair connective tissue and restore testosterone/cortisol ratios.

2. Your CNS needs a scheduled break in lifting so you can come back stronger and repeat this program to take your muscle and strength levels yet again to the next level.

3. Included is a complete deload training regimen you can follow to recharge and rebuild while holding onto your new muscle and strength gains.

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Blast 5 Training System: How to Build Muscle for Maximum Strength