Blackjack Mastery System – Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Win


Blackjack Mastery System – Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Win


When you play blackjack properly – it is so easy to win it is almost ridiculous. From selecting the right table to sit at (including the number of players needed at the table), to how to hit and stand properly, split and double and how to bet to maximize your winnings AND minimize your losses. Even the little tricks casinos play to stack the odds in their favor.

For beginners, this ebook will put you years in advance of where you can get by yourself. For the more ‘seasoned’ players the results you get will blow your mind.

What Exactly Do You Get in The Blackjack Mastery System – Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Win

Unit 1 – The key fundamental concepts and rules  (and remember you do not need to card count or be a mathematical genius – these are rules that anyone can follow). These are the rules real professionals use.

Unit 2 – The optimized betting strategy which gives you the ultimate advantage so you can use the casino’s money and capitalize on those long winning streaks.

Unit 3 – The advanced method where you place a larger bets earlier than in Unit 2, but still play with the casino money and protect your own.

Unit 4 – Step by step analysis and instruction on the master betting strategies to provide a level of sophistication not often seen in casinos; and

The crucial information to ensure the casino environment is ready to enable you to win before you even lay a bet

… and that’s just for starters.

Blackjack Mastery System – Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Win

Unit 1: How True Professionals Play the Cards and all the Casino Tricks

The rules and formula that accurately describe the proper and ‘professional’ way to play are included. And it does not involve card counting.

Here’s a small sample of what are included in Unit One:

  • What to do if the dealer has one card up and one card facing down as compared to dealing himself one card
  • When to hit and when to stand (so many players make mistakes in this area and they don’t even have a clue. It is truly is embarrassing.)
  • Exactly when to split aces (and it is NOT splitting all the time like you probably think).
  • When to DOUBLE your bets and more importantly, when NOT to double
  • How to properly split cards and what to do when you have the opportunity to split your cards for a second or third time (the proper method of splitting cards amazes even professional players)
  • How to effectively double ‘any two cards’ (when casinos allow this rule most players get carried away and double whenever they ‘feel’ like it.
  • Accordingly they generally lose money – we know how to capitalize on ‘double any two cards’ to increase your winnings);
  • When to insure your bets and to what extent should insurance be taken (this little piece of advice by itself will ensure you minimize your losses and is more often than not misunderstood by players)

So you understand the tricks casinos play, you’ll also get the tips on beating the casinos at their own game – including:

– The disadvantages of using casino club cards
– How to beat the casino when it tries to change your playing environment and conditions
– The exact number of players you need on the table to ensure you win

Unit 2: The Optimized Betting Strategy

A unique betting pattern is designed to consistently minimize losses whilst maximizing winnings. Casinos HATE me betting this way.

It’s deliberately set out so anyone can understand it and it shows you how to bet properly, from a minimum amount, right up to when your placing higher wagers. Oh, a bit of free advice for you here – Unless you have a developed betting strategy – forget it – you can not win over the long term. Period.

So here’s what you’re getting – the exact predicable, repeatable and flexible method, including:

– The exact moments when to increase your bet in order to MAXIMIZE your winnings
– The very situations where you should immediately reduce your bet (and why this is SO IMPORTANT to protecting your money) and
– How to ‘protect’ your playing funds and play with casino profits almost immediately


The common methods of doubling your bet until you win or adhoc styles just do not work in the long term. In fact … casino rules ensure some of these strategies MUST FAIL.

You’ll learn a roadmap to ensure you can win your maximum amount of money each and every time you play.

Unit 3: Advanced Betting

Perhaps the simplest way to explain Unit 3 is that it is the tool designed to beat the pants off a casino even when the long winning runs aren’t coming.

Unit 3 gives you:

  • The basic building blocks and step-by-step instructions to enable you to easily master this advanced betting strategy and understand it fully
  • The difference between successful and unsuccessful betting strategies and the contrast between results that generate from typical losing sequences and winning sequences
  • The capacity to wager a minimum bet through to a higher amount, without changing your strategy
  • The ability to capitalize on smaller winning sequences without risking any significant amount of your own money.
  • A level of betting sophistication that few players can get their head around.

Here’s the deal – Unit Three is the advanced betting system where larger bets are placed earlier than in Unit Two. It is NOT for the faint hearted!!! Of course the flip side is that you can win bigger and faster than Unit 2. Either way, it’s better than how you are betting now.

Unit 4: High Roller Betting

Unit 4 is:


It is so provocative and so revealing that it will probably scare the pants off all but the most seasoned professionals, but ….

… when properly understood and implemented, Unit Four is perhaps your ticket to ultimate success.

Unit 4 gives you:

  • A unique series of successful betting strategies (at a level of sophistication where subtle differences in betting can make a huge difference to your overall results)
  • A previously unrevealed approach to betting to give you the necessary finesse to completely control your betting
  • Key details as to when you should and should not increase your bets
  • What to do when a winning sequence is interrupted
  • Why you must revert to a different betting pattern before resuming play; and
  • A unique escalated betting system

Even if you have NEVER played before, you WILL be able to apply the strategies after a little practice.

If you already think you know what you’re doing, you CAN improve with the Blackjack Mastery System – Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Win.

Face it … if you want to make some serious money from playing – this is your chance. Think about how you play the game now – if you are happy with how you play – move on, nothing will change your mind. If you are new to the game and just starting out, or are not happy with your results (like most people when they answer honestly), or you just want to make more money – buy the “Blackjack Mastery System – Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Win” TODAY.

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Blackjack Mastery System – Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategy to Win