Bipolar Magnetic Therapy


Bipolar Magnetic Therapy


Many people have heard about the beneficial effects magnetic therapy can have upon human body. Many have also experienced some of these effects on their own skin. However, few people know many things about this type of treatment. The first thing which must be understood about this therapy is the fact that it can be of two types.

Thus, when talking about magnetic therapy one must distinguish between the two types of magnetic therapy available in the universe. First there is the unipolar magnetic therapy, which implies the application of only one of the poles onto the affected area and thus treat that condition or ailment only with the magnetic pole which best addresses it. His method, however, it is said to have many limitations and not be as effective as the bipolar magnetic therapy. This assumption is mainly based on the fact that when using only one magnetic pole, it is not capable of creating a magnetic field of its own, thus much of the magnetic field is wasted.

In contrast with the unipolar magnetic therapy, the bipolar magnetic therapy makes use of both poles in order to treat the diseases. The two poles are placed in such a way as to create a magnetic field with the help of which almost all diseases and conditions can be alleviated or even treated. The success of the bipolar method comes from the fact that when creating a magnetic field and exposing the human body to it, the latter absorbs the necessary amount of magnetic energy and brings the level of this energy back in equilibrium. This, in its turn, provides the body with more resistance to external factors and with many more tools which help the body fight effectively against all threats.

This is why, when deciding to go for this complementary method of treatment it is always recommended to try the bipolar magnetic therapy. It has much more chances of offering you the effects you want, without any side effects or any waste of time. Also, it is indicated that you ask for the advice of a specialist in magnetic therapy before actually setting up for one of the other methods, as specific problems always need specific solutions.

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