Beyond Technique – Jiu Jitsu Gi & Moves Video Lessons


Beyond Technique – Jiu Jitsu Gi & Moves Video Lessons


For the first time, two of the art’s most progressive instructors come together to bring you a resource guaranteed to take your understanding of jiu jitsu to a deeper level.

Kit Dale


Kit is Australia’s most prolific competitor, having won several high profile tournaments including the Australian Nationals and Abu Dhabi World Pro several times.

Despite starting BJJ relatively late at the age of 23, he was able to get his black belt in just 4 years by using his unorthodox approach to the study of the art.

Nic Gregoriades


Widely regarded as one of the best jiu jitsu instructors in the world, Nic is Roger Gracie’s first black belt and author of the successful book, The Black Belt Blueprint.

He is also the founder of The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood and like Kit, was awarded his black belt in just over 4 years.

Nic is known for his holistic and effective approach to jiu jitsu training.


beyond-technique-coverIn BEYOND TECHNIQUE you’ll see…

…a collection of the most fundamental and effective jiu jitsu concepts that each of us has discovered or been taught on our respective jiu jitsu journeys.

We put every one of these concepts through dozens and dozens of hours of testing on the mat before we even considered recommending them to you. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re only showing you what we have seen and know to work, for both ourselves and our students. Among the things you’ll learn are:

+ A simple principle to improve your takedowns by 300 percent
+ A unique, three-point system that will turbo-charge your sweeps and also allow you to identify and create sweeps of your own
+ A concept which will instantly make many of your jiu jitsu movements stronger and more powerful, without the need for additional strength training
+ An understanding which, when implemented into your game, will make it far more difficult for opponents to hold you down
+ A defensive tactic which will make you far less susceptible to both arm and leg-locks
+ An insight into breaking your opponent’s balance which will make it easier to take him down from the ‘kneeling start’ position
+ A expansion on the well-known concept of ‘posture’ that will dramatically upgrade your ability to get yourself out of tough situations simple trick which will disable your opponent’s leverage and render his attacks useless
+ A break-down of the mechanics behind the guard-pull and how to defeat it

Plus much more, all for less than the price of a private lesson!

The average bjj instructor charges around $100 for an hour-long lesson. At the moment each of us charges $300. But for a fraction of that price, you’ll have instant access to the concepts and principles that it took us years of training to discover, presented in a format that it took hundreds of hours of teaching to master.

We put our hearts and souls into this product and we’re certain it’ll make your jiu jitsu much better, much more quickly than anything else out there.


Beyond Technique – Jiu Jitsu Gi & Moves Video Lessons