Best Video Production Proposal – Videographer Writing Guide


Best Video Production Proposal – Videographer Writing Guide


Are You Ready To Make This Your Most Profitable Year Ever?…

Let’s face it. The goals you have for yourself and your family are making it essential for you to generate more money with your business, and due to how easy it is to buy a digital-video-camera and computer these days, increased competition is worse than ever.

Simply put, running a profitable video-production-business today is getting harder than ever unless you discover the secrets for writing a successful contract.

So What’s The Secret?

It’s simple once you realize the most important knowledge you need is right between your ears.

Yes, it’s true… All you need to be more successful is the knowledge you already have as a videographer mixed with a little professional guidance.

You know that a corporate marketing vid can help a business generate more leads which will ultimately result in additional sales… but how do you explain this in hard numbers to your prospect so they are comfortable paying thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars for your services?

It’s easy, you show them on paper what their investment will be and what they can expect to get in return as a result of having a promotional vid working for them out in the marketplace. (Or any type of vid for that matter!)

Once you’ve done this, it will be hard for ANY client to not seriously consider your offer before hiring another. Their video production contract won’t be anywhere near as effective as yours.

Introducing… Best Video Production Proposal – Videographer Writing Guide

Here’s What You Get Inside:

A jam-packed, 45+ page step by step eBook. This process is the heart of the information package. Here’s a partial list of the pearls you’ll discover inside this golden manual:

  • How to determine the difference between a prospect that can afford your services and those who can’t
  • How to prepare for a successful sales meeting with prospects
  • How to gather the critical information needed during a sales meeting so you can set the stage for a profitable project
  • How to write a contract that convinces prospects that you understand their business needs/goals better than your competitors
  • How to develop a contract that outlines payment terms and understandings so there is no confusion after the project begins
  • and much, much more…

Plus, you’ll get 15 of the best sales strategies absolutely free!

Now, just imagine if you started making only a handful of these tactics work for you. How much more money would that mean to your business? For you and your family?

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Everything is ready for you, absolutely turn-keyed, and all laid-out for you step-by-step.

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Best Video Production Proposal – Videographer Writing Guide