Best Baccarat Betting System


Best Baccarat Betting System


Few published systems for Casino Mini-Baccarat exist. Of those in publication, almost all have been censored, suppressed or altered to be ineffective. You are trained and coached to lose by “experts,” pseudo “authorities” and quacks. “Quacks” saying “No ‘system’ is better than any other” are trying to open your head and fill it with stupidity.

Casino Mini-Baccarat is easily beaten with ordinary accounting skill. Betting is similar to a high speed checker game where the opponent (the casino) strategy is limited to covering your bet. In checkers, the best strategy wins. This is true of Mini-Baccarat. Betting systems and practices developed in NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS FOR CASINO MINI-BACCARAT are adapted specifically to casino Mini-Baccarat but they do well with all variations of baccarat.

“Best Baccarat Betting System” is a short term accounting routines. An effective strategy is of several accounting routines (risk diversification, loss carried forward, loss recovery and capital acquisition) working together. Accounting based betting mitigates against loss and optimizes winnings. Betting at any casino table game requires an operating system or failure becomes certain.


NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS for CASINO MINI-BACCARAT restores several classic betting systems (not by the “experts”) and new systems are developed with descriptions of their use. Accounting control of the betting process is developed.

SHARK, an adaptive over-unity bet selector is demonstrated. Over-unity is better than a guess. Expert “No minds” said it could not exist. It works.

You learn Chip Stacking and Round Robin multiple file risk diversification, high speed accounting functions (system betting), using chips as a calculator; betting systems designed for rapid delivery of betting events; necessary when betting speed is 200 bets per hour (17 seconds for a complete betting cycle).

There are no hundred gazillion computer tests, you deal with the real world with simplicity. You will not be under pressure at the betting table. You develop your personal betting style, using “restored” or newly designed betting systems. Many betting routines, correctly applied, are functional.

It is over 140 pages of no fluff, no hype, non-plagiarized, never published investment grade analysis and system development. It was prepared by an accounting based bettor experienced in betting casino Mini-Baccarat. You learn accounting skills to convert betting events into an investment business.

NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS for CASINO MINI-BACCARAT is only available here. This is never before published information. You save the cost with the first session of casino Mini-Baccarat. In Self-Defense: Act Now!

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Best Baccarat Betting System