Behind The Driving Road Test – Get Ready To Pass For The License


Behind The Driving Road Test – Get Ready To Pass For The License


Get prepared for your G2 or M2 exit test properly, pass the first time

Want to Pass Your Road Test on the First Try?

Want to Stay Alive? Want to Stay Safe?


Getting ready to take your road test to get your license? Nervous? Oh yeah, we understand that feeling. Your hands are clammy, your heart is pounding and you’re crossing your fingers that you don’t pass out from fright when the tester climbs into your car and tells you to start your engine. Guess what? You have every right to be nervous because almost 50% of new drivers fail their first road test. Yep, I said HALF of the new drivers fail. What if I told you that I could help you pass your road test on the very first try, better than learning from a handbook or a driver’s ed class? Would you be interested? Of course you would! You’re no dummy and you WANT to pass that test the VERY FIRST TIME!

So Just How Important IS Getting Your License?

How Important Is It For You And Your Family To Stay Alive On The Road? You’ll Learn Common Mistakes That Most Motorists Make, How To Avoid Them And How To Protect Yourself And Your Family With Complete Risk Management Scenarios. Best Of All, Take A Virtual Walk Right Through The Road Test For Both Cars And Motorcycles!

This Video Is Your Interactive Driving Instructor And Covers the FULL Scope Of What Will Happen During Your Road Test, As Well As Teach You How To Be An All-Round Confident Driver! GET READY TO PASS Is Designed To Make You Pass Your Test AND Stay Safe! You CAN DO THIS!

Knowledge & Safe Practice: Most Important Factors To Staying Alive On The Road

A team of experts totaling well over 20 years of experience among them were combined to put together THE MOST comprehensive driver education program for YOU on the planet! This is the first interactive handbook of its kind and is getting great reviews from customers and press, we’re doing what you can call… something ‘positive’ for the public for a change. Whether you are taking the road test for the first time, just got your G1, or have been driving for more than 10 years, this video course is going to be your best investment to make sure you are ready for the roads, and for your test.

Hosts Jim Kenzie (Automotive journalist for 20 years) & guests walk you through EXACTLY what the road test will cover, & help get you prepared to be a safe driver and or motorcycle rider. Going for your G2 or M2 examination with graduated licensing is nerve wrecking and can be difficult if you have not studied enough or do not have much experience on the road yet. This program is designed to specifically educate you on best practices while driving, the proper and effective way to do all the tricky things drivers encounter daily, and…. of course… pass the road test with confidence! It’s really not THAT hard if you have the right team educating and guiding you 🙂

Behind The Road Tests – The Interactive Handbook that will make you pass!

Don’t be afraid to take your road test! After watching these videos you will be confident and know EVERYTHING there is to know! This is better than any handbook out there. I tend to wonder how well you can really learn when you simply ‘read’ about driving from a handbook? It’s great for general knowledge and to look at pictures of signs and stick figure cars, but driving is a visual experience! How much can you really learn about instinct, reaction time, reflexes, unforeseen daily encounters with bad drivers etc. So we’re taking the liberty to get you better prepared for your test and license in a real world, real scenario step by step recorded video format.

It’s Time For You To Get Ready To PASS

How? By following professional instructors as they perform the tasks you will be graded on!

Fast Learning – It’s designed to MAKE YOU PASS, we don’t just drive and ride around, we show you exactly what your examiner will be looking for, how to make yourself calm, and most importantly of course, how to drive or ride with confidence and safety in mind.

Driving or riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, learn how to deal with high risk situations. – We take you through various danger spots and how to avoid common mistakes which could end up in costly and deadly accidents. Learn how to properly do a road side stop, what to do and not to do at intersections, how to properly change lanes on the highway, and how to deal with other not so common danger zones.

Stop Failing your test! – If you’ve failed once or twice, chances are you’re not a bad driver, you just lack a few key points and skills which this video is going to show you! The G2 exit test is a sequence of tasks you must perform within a certain point limit, most points are lost without the driver even knowing. Get this video and you’ll know where not to go wrong next time, and finally PASS….. your…… test!

Road Ethics – Once you are a daily driver, there are many situations you will find yourself in where your instinct is going to take over your knowledge base. Learn proper road ethics for unforeseen situations and how to read other vehicles danger zones, your blind spots, precautions on motorcycle riding and why parking lots pose one of the greatest risks to drivers.

This video shows you EVERYTHING that you get tested on! If you watch this & practice, YOU CAN’T FAIL!


Behind The Driving Road Test – Get Ready To Pass For The License