Becoming A Player


Becoming A Player


Discover The Secret Behind A Real Player and Have Women Falling At Your Feet.

There is a LOT of useless and generic dating and romance information online.

This is NOTHING like that!

This is a NO-NONSENSE guide where you will find high quality information organized in a succinct and clear order on how to Improve Yourself, Approach, Attract, Seduce, Lay and Keep as many women as you want – YES unlike many other guides, this one also teaches you WHAT TO DO after you’ve slept with them – how to make them fall in love with you, relationships and so much more.

Becoming A Player – by Alex Matlock

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How to Improve Yourself Approach Attract Seduce Lay & Keep Women

Your eyes will be opened and your life will change!

Here’s a quick introduction:

This guide isn’t about lame gimmicks or tricks, it is about improving yourself. It is about improving your state of mind, what you believe you can achieve, how far you can go and how much you can learn.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: This guide is not just about getting women, it’s about getting the quality women that you deserve – women that can appreciate and respect you, women that will love and cherish you, the women that make our lives better.

You can use this guide to sleep with as many women as you want or you can use it to find the love of your life. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use this knowledge.

Do you want these women? Do you want this change in your life? It’s simple!

If you want change, things will change when you decide to work for that change.

The useful information in this guide isn’t hidden between the lines and under some agonizing subtext. It is out in the open, clearly exposed and organized in such a way that you can GET the understanding you need to succeed.

You may be thinking “But I’m too ugly/stupid/boring/poor/weak/shy etc to be able to take advantage of this knowledge on how to meet and attract beautiful women”.

If so, how in the world do you ever expect to succeed with an attitude like that? Thinking that way is a setup for failure before even giving yourself a chance to try.

Any time in the past when things didn’t go your way was NOT the result of a deficiency within yourself. It was the insecurities themselves, the simple idea that you believed you could not succeed.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Getting rid of that fear is your first step. It is a difficult step for a lot of guys but working through this guide will, at minimum, help you achieve that primary goal.

You will soon realize that having hot, interesting and amazing women in your life is not about “getting lucky”. Luck plays no factor here. You will not read anything in this guide about how much luck it takes to achieve anything. Rather, everything is in your control!

Becoming A Player – How to Improve Yourself Approach Attract Seduce Lay & Keep Women

*NOTE* everything in this book is accompanied by clear examples. Conversational examples, situation examples etc – it’s not just talk.

1. Defining The Player – This chapter is about improving yourself, your state of mind, your personality and your understanding about women.

2. The Player Basics – This chapter is about understanding what it takes to be a player. It teaches you the basic rules, how to be confident, how to be comfortable around women, openers, understanding women, reading body language etc.

3. The Player In Pursuit of Women – This teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about approaching and getting women interested in you.

4. The Player’s Secret – This teaches you the player’s ability to sleep with absolutely any woman. It may seem like hype but once you understand the concept this is what all seducers, womanizers, players do in order to get all the women. You can use this power to sleep with as many women as you want or you can use it to seduce the woman of your dreams. I can only give you the knowledge, it’s up to you to decide how to use it.

5. The Player On A Night Out – The complete going out game plan, from clubs to bars you’ve got it here.

6. She’s Starting To Like The Player – This teaches you everything you need to know and do after she has become interested in you, from getting her phone number to going for the kiss, it’s here – INCLUDING what to do in negative scenarios when she doesn’t want to give you her number etc

7. The Player Proceeds – Everything you need to do after you’ve got her number, from asking her out to inviting her at your place to have sex. This chapter also includes negative scenarios and how to deal with them such as She Doesn’t Return your calls or cancels dates and so much more.

8. The Player And Relationships – This teaches you how to make her fall in love with you and how to start a relationship. It also has secrets that will keep a relationship interesting and will keep her yours for as long as you want.

9. Extras – 7 Different subjects such as Dealing with rejections, getting out of the friend-zone, dating multiple women, scoring a threesome, how to by-pass the boyfriend + more.

10. Final Words – final words of wisdom.

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How to Improve Yourself Approach Attract Seduce Lay & Keep Women