Become A Flight Attendant – The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide


Become_a_Flight_Attendent1_HeaderBecome A Flight Attendant – The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide


Thinking about a Career as an Airline Cabin Crew Member but don’t know where to start?
Need help With Your Cabin Crew Interview?

It is time to STOP putting off your Cabin Crew Interview Preparation. We make it SO EASY!

Get the guide that will help you pass your Cabin Crew Interview and get a career of World Travel, Great Perks and a WHOLE lot of Adventure.


This BEST SELLING interview preparation guide takes the guess work out of the Cabin Crew Interview process and gets you prepared fast!

Packed with Hundreds of ACTUAL past Cabin Crew Interview Questions, helpful Answer Ideas and tips from the worlds leading Cabin Crew Interview Preparation Team.

Expert Advice

Written by current Airline Professionals and HR personel. We know airlines and we KNOW airline interviews.

This makes it SO EASY!

You get the MOST common Interview questions all in ONE guide. No need to spend hours and hours on the Internet researching.

The Faster way to improve your interview.

With the questions all in one spot and a structured answer planning system, you will be ready in no time.

Pass the Technical Questions with ease.

Airlines WILL ask you what you know about aircraft, the industry and the airline. We also give you a 70-Question research template that dramatically reduces your research time. Based on countless past interviews it WILL help you pass this part of the interview with ease.

Easy Answer Planning Strategy

We tell you EXACTLY what answers you need to pre plan prior to your interview. We even give you answer ideas written by our HR experts. This gives your preparation the structure it needs to cover multiple interview question scenarios.


Cabin Crew Interview Questions

Whether it be Emirates, Qatar, Virgin Atlantic or Alaska Airlines we have interview questions from over 30 Major Airlines. Organized in common topics, we make it easy for you to see which Cabin Crew Interview Questions Airlines LOVE to ask time and time again.

These are the NON NEGOTIABLE answers that you MUST have prepared PRIOR to stepping into the interview room. Based on our incredible resource we know what answers candidates need to have prepared beforehand. You’ll get fantastic answer ideas for you to use if you find it hard to think of your own great answers.

Getting ready for your Cabin Crew Interview is easy and painless with our one stop guide. You’ll learn everything you need to know.

The PERKS of being Cabin CREW….

Generous Salary and Benefits

Airlines are widely known to offer some of the best employment packages around. Great medical and retirement benefits, good salaries and a number of tax free allowances.


Almost all airlines offer up to 90% off Airfares to their employees.

As an employee of the travel industry you will also be able to access ‘Travel Industry Rates’ on HOTELS/ CRUISES/ CAR RENTAL.

Get PAID to travel the world and LIVE an Amazing Life!

Paris, London, Rome, New York, Tokyo!

Traveling the world staying in 4-5 Star Hotels all while being paid. The latest clothes, gadgets and accessories from around the world.

Time Freedom

It is true that crew do work on public holidays but in return they get plenty of time off to relax at home in between flights. Often airlines provide staff with up to 6 weeks off a year.

Solid Career Progression

Did you know that many Senior Airline Officials started off as Cabin Crew? Airlines love to promote from within and will encourage you to learn and progress up the ranks. Due to the amount of time off crew have it is the perfect role for someone doing an online university degree or course. Whether you would like to progress into a senior cabin crew role or an airline management role, the sky is the limit.

Great Learning Environment.

World class training in safety, airline operations, first aid and service. Great skills that are used across many industries.

Flexible work arrangements

Don’t want to work full time? Airlines commonly have part time options ranging from month on, month off contracts to 3 day work weeks. These are a great option for those studying a course, running a business on the side or those who have a busy family life.

So what are you waiting for?


Become A Flight Attendant – The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide