Beautiful Hair & Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Causes & Remedies




Beautiful Hair & Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Causes & Remedies


Discover Soothing Relief From Dry Scalp In As Little As 10 Days With These Surprising Natural Remedies.

It’s amazing how fast you can eliminate it 100% NATURALLY.

Little Known Facts About Expensive Shampoos

Did you know 90% of the “off the shelf” treatments also contain ingredients that CAUSE itchy dry scalps? It’s true, and that’s why results from leading shampoo solutions are only temporary. (And often make it worse.) Here’s just one example:

Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

Sounds like just another ingredient, right? WRONG. It’s an aggressive cleaning and foaming agent commonly used as an engine degreaser. SLS has been proven to strip oils from and prematurely age your skin, damage eye membranes, retard healing, inhibit hair follicle growth and more. Yet it’s added to 90% of shampoos!

Extracted From the SLS Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the U.S. Government

“Exposure to Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphate can lead to a burning sensation, coughing, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting. “SLS penetrates your eyes, brain, liver and remains there long-term. Being a cell mutagen, it degenerates cell membranes because it can change the genetic information in your cells and damage your immune system. “It can result to blindness (scientific studies have proven that this compound damages protein formation in the eye tissue) and can lead to cataract formation. After damage to the eyes has been done, your eyes cannot heal properly because SLS retards the eye healing process. Also retards hair follicle growth making hair harder to grow & the scalp irritated.”
Short term common shampoo chemicals can cause irritation. But long term it’s even worse! In the long term just SLS alone can result to blindness and damage your immune system. 50 million people are spending over 300 million dollars a year on chemicals trying to fix their problems.

You Don’t Have To Use Carcinogens!

A dry scalp and healthy body come from all NATURAL solutions. The answers come from shampoos you can mix yourself at home, to natural shampoos you can purchase, to simple switches to your diet. The answers are natural, soothing remedies… and NOT dumping chemicals on your head.

Ancient And Modern Natural Remedies Provide Relief

And you know what? Even the large corporations are catching on. In fact one of the leading shampoo companies recently spent millions creating a new, more natural shampoo. To do it they had to track down and replicate an amazing natural remedy of an indigenous tribe deep in the forests of Central America. These Mesquite Indians are known for their silky, shiny hair and healthy scalps. Yet none of them have access to modern pharmaceutical-based shampoos and treatments. They’ve found natural cures that are now available and may work for you. Disclaimer: This specific ancient cure may not work for you. Why? Because not all have the same root… but nearly all can be treated naturally.

There are dozens of natural solutions but what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. The key is locating the root of your specific problem and applying the appropriate remedy.

Introducing… “Beautiful Hair & Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Causes & Remedies”


Here’s what this guide can help you do…

  • Eliminate your dandruff, dry, flaky or burning red itchy scalp in 10 days with powerful ancient & modern natural solutions.
  • It can help you regrow rejuvenated shiny and healthy hair.
  • Spot the underlying causes and provide a permanent solution.
  • Uncover the little ways you may be unknowingly causing it.

“Beautiful Hair & Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Causes & Remedies” is going to help you…

  • Focus on the specific reason for your unique problem… instead of just trying to treat symptoms.
  • Discover natural solutions most likely to solve the underlying problem.
  • Learn the top ten toxic ingredients hidden in 90% of shampoos and hair products.
  • Find out how you may be causing your own irritations without even knowing it.
  • Quit wasting money on hit-or-miss treatments that are probably making everything worse!

Here is just some of what you’ll discover inside…

Discover The Answers Inside…

  • Find out NOW if you’re causing your own embarrassing condition.
  • The Remedy Wizard Quickly determine which natural solutions it is begging for by entering your symptoms in to our “Remedy Wizard” calculator.
  • Common products you may be using that cause hair loss, eye membrane damage, premature aging and rashes.
    A photo line-up of conditions so you can more easily spot yours.
  • The brutal truth about most dyes… and how to get around it.
  • “10-Days-Or-Less” remedies for curing the most common causes of itchy scalp.
  • The absolute WORST dandruff shampoos for getting rid of it. It’ll hurt to read, but you MUST know.
  • How to avoid developing sensitivities to certain products that lead to massive irritations.
  • What the medico-pharmaceutical companies have been hiding for years. They DON’T want you to know this about their chemical shampoos.
  • Foods that nourish and foods that dry your skin, scalp and hair.
  • Natural cures from supplies you can find around your house and in your garden.
  • Powerful secrets for FAST relief.
  • The top natural shampoos that have proven themselves over and over again.
  • Easy to find natural oils that restore follicles – encouraging thicker hair and even growth. More natural oils that relieve sore painful scalps and treat scales and crust flakes.
  • A 10-minute moisturizing regimen for consistent relief.
  • Try these natural solutions for dry, over-processed hair that speed up regrowth.
  • A 10-minute anti-itch regimen to stop the frustrating, nearly unbearable desire to itch.
  • Think you have scalp psoriasis, dandruff or eczema? This guide has got proven natural cures for you too.
  • Quickly treat scalp sores, bumps & lumps to relieve the irritation. Repeat until your natural remedy cures all.
  • Could it be a special, uncommon case? Maybe. And this guide can help with many uncommon causes as well, such as ringworm and fungus.
  • Easily find a new natural shampoo from a list of 20 natural safe product recommendations. Including shampoos, conditioners & treatments.
  • How to “convert” your shampoo into a powerful anti-dandruff shampoo naturally that works GREAT.
  • new super-moisturized, shiny, bouncy and full-of-body hairdo is days away.
  • Deceiving foods that could be behind it.
  • And much, much more…

Take The First Step Towards Healing Now…

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Beautiful Hair & Dry Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Causes & Remedies