Beautiful Bonsai Secrets


Beautiful Bonsai Secrets


Most people in the West are probably familiar with the idea that bonsai is somehow related to miniaturized trees, but it’s a pretty good bet that they don’t know much about the beautiful bonsai secrets that lie behind growing such wonders of nature. Strange as it may sound to a non-enthusiast, raising successful bonsai trees is all about beauty and grace, because at the central heart of bonsai are the aesthetics of the plant being grown.

Thus, the notion that some bonsai beginners and newcomers to the art might have about bonsai, that it is all about growing trees that are as miniaturized as possible is not really that accurate. In fact, some expert bonsai growers grow trees up to a couple of feet tall which still qualify as bonsai, irrespective of the size of the plant.

Another misconception which qualifies as another ‘beautiful bonsai secret’ is that bonsai is originally a Japanese art form. In fact, miniaturized trees were grown as long ago as 4000 BC in ancient Egypt where records show that miniaturized trees were grown in containers cut into rock.

However, the art form really developed in China and then Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, with the word bonsai being the Japanese version of the original Chinese word penzai.

Nowadays of course, bonsai is a hugely popular hobby all over the world, with many thousands of active enthusiasts throughout the Western world as well as in Asia.

One of its attractions is that a bonsai tree can be cultivated from almost any woody-stemmed perennial plant or shrub so it is not an art form that is necessarily dependent on using high-priced materials to grow beautiful looking trees.

In fact, many experts delight in their ability to start with seemingly unpromising ‘raw materials’ to craft it through years of tender loving care and no small amount of time either.

Another great attraction of starting to grow it is that doing so is not especially difficult once you have some basic skills and equipment. Furthermore, there is plenty of information available for even the most inexperienced beginner which will give them everything they need to start growing the first trees almost immediately.

Of course, there is no guarantee of immediate success because crafting it is not something you can do overnight. For example, there are many different styles and one skill that you need to acquire is the ability to spot what kind you can grow from any particular donor plant.

Nevertheless, there are dozens of online resources, with associations and clubs all over the world made up of dozens of willing experts waiting to help and welcome willing beginners to the global bonsai community.

In truth, it has to be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling hobbies and pastimes imaginable, because the secrets of growing it are something that you acquire with experience and a growing empathy with the plants you are working with. However, the satisfaction of growing it is almost impossible to describe to any non-enthusiast, but, trust me, it is immense.

If you are looking for a hobby that is restful, stimulating and above all rewarding, look no further than learning beautiful bonsai secrets because once you become an enthusiast, I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be hooked for life!

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