Beautiful Bonsai Secrets Honest Review


Beautiful Bonsai Secrets Honest Review


There can be few hobbies that are more relaxing, satisfying and rewarding than growing bonsai trees, the miniaturized trees that are generally thought of as coming from Japan.

While this is not strictly true in historical terms, it is nevertheless a fact that it (which comes from the original Chinese word penzai) is an art form that has probably reached its zenith in Japan, with literally hundreds of thousands of people who rear it as a hobby and for profit.

However, even though there are almost too many bonsai enthusiasts in Japan (and throughout other parts of Asia) to count, it is nevertheless true that becoming someone who can successfully grow it is not something you can do without learning about it.

For example, most enthusiasts grow their trees from ‘donor’ plants and so you need to acquire the ability to ‘spot’ good donor plants when you see them. This is important because once you realize that not every good donor is immediately recognizable as such, you immediately begin to cut down the amount of money you spend on your hobby as cheap donors are often just as effective as more expensive ones.

And, while most people probably recognize what a bonsai tree is from seeing them in the local garden center or on the gas station forecourt, it is also important to understand that it is a very widely diversified hobby as well. For instance, there are many different styles and while some trees are tiny, others can grow to a couple of feet tall and still be categorized as a bonsai.

In essence, bonsai growing is a world within itself, a world where beauty and aesthetics triumph above all else. But it is at the same time one of the most satisfying and rewarding hobbies imaginable, so if you have always been keen to try growing it, there has never been a better time to start now.

This is particularly true because of the recent release of an excellent new ‘how to’ guide to all aspects of growing it called ‘Beautiful bonsai secrets’. This book is a complete A-Z of everything you need to know about becoming a grower, from the basics of how to trim, prune and style plants to the the various different types you can grow and even the tools and equipment that you need in order to be able to do so.

If you have any kind of interest in bonsai, this is a book that you will definitely want to read.

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