Beautiful Bonsai Secrets – Detailed Book Review


Beautiful Bonsai Secrets – Detailed Book Review

Over the many years that I have been involved in various aspects of online business, I have seen many hundreds of ‘how to’ manuals and I don’t mind admitting that the vast majority of them have been a major disappointment.

So, here’s the first crucial fact that you should know about ‘Beautiful bonsai secrets’.

This is a guide that any beginner will gain a massive amount of knowledge from, even if they are someone who knows nothing more specific about this miniature trees than that they have something to do with ‘small trees from Japan’.

More importantly, it is a guide which will allow them to swiftly and easily elevate their knowledge to a level where they can actively participate in growing without the fear of getting everything wrong. The importance of this lies in the fact that it really doesn’t matter what hobby or interest you are considering taking up, the hardest part is almost always getting started.

By serving up everything you might need to know about it on a silver platter, it is a guide that will enable even the rawest beginner starting with confidence and without spending too much money either.

So, is it a guide that only beginners will benefit from?

The answer to the question is a very firm ‘no’ because by focusing on its many different aspects, there is knowledge here that even more experienced growers will benefit from. For instance, there is information about planting, pruning, wiring and shaping, as well as some recommended soil ‘recipes’ and even advice about how to propagate your plants.

In other words, unless you are someone who owns their own professional growing business, there is definitely something in this guide for everyone, whether you are a beginner or someone who has a little more experience and knowledge.

I think that most experienced growers would probably agree that becoming a capable (and then an expert) grower is not all that difficult. However, it does require skills, knowledge and ultimately experience and while you cannot learn the latter from any book, you can certainly acquire the skills and knowledge you need from this guide.

Other aspects of being a successful grower such as learning to recognize good potential donor plants is something that you will acquire with time. However, even here, the book helps by giving you a specific illustrated example of what might at first appear to be an unpromising donor plant that ultimately became a beautiful miniature tree, including illustrations of how the plant was pruned and shaped to achieve the end result.

All in all, if you are in any way interested in becoming a grower, I don’t think you will find a more helpful or illuminating manual to exactly how you go about doing so than this one. If there is one guide that you are going to spend your money at any time in the near future, this would definitely be the one I would recommend.

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