Beagle Dog Zone Training Guide for Obedience And Companionship




Beagle Dog Zone Training Guide for Obedience And Companionship


As you know, Beagles are extremely beautiful, active and intelligent dogs. They make wonderful companions who undoubtedly will bring many years of joy to you and your family.

It’s important to his development that you learn how to positively channel his energy and intelligence so as to build a healthy bond between you and him.

Having a healthy, happy, well behaved pet is an extremely rewarding experience. He will respect you, protect your home and family and provide companionship like no other dog.

A well trained Beagle will truly be your best friend.

Unfortunately, the majority of them never have the opportunity to experience the type of training required to bring out their full level of intelligence and take advantage of the positive social skills that are also part of his breeding. The same holds true for the majority of owners…they never get to experience the full level of intelligence their pet is capable of… and therefore miss out on having a fully rewarding relationship.

You see, the problem lies with the training material that’s currently available to owners, in that it’s not specific to its breed. In fact, most of the training material available today is based on techniques meant to train any and all dog breeds.

They are different from other dog breeds. In fact, every dog breed is unique in the sense that they all react and respond to stimuli in different ways. That is what separates each breed from each other and this is what makes him a Beagle.

You can’t expect him to respond in the same way as an Akita or Doberman Pinscher. Or how about trying to train him using techniques that might work for a 4lb. Yorkie? Probably not the best idea unless you’re the one trying to sell the material.

This is why it’s so important to train him using techniques specific to his breed.

Introducing… “Beagle Dog Zone Training Guide for Obedience And Companionship”


What is It?

Beagle Dog Zone Training Guide for Obedience And Companionship is an unparalleled training method developed for specific dog breeds such as your Beagle. It reinforces their position (or “zone”) with relationship to their owner. Currently there isn’t another dog training program on the market that can bring out his ultimate level of intelligence and happiness.

With this Guide You Will Also:

  • Learn His History
  • Understand the Specific Abilities Bred Into Them (a.k.a. SUPERNOSE!)
  • Learn To Easily Housebreak Him
  • Learn To Stop Puppy From Jumping, Digging, Biting
  • Train Using His Natural Prey Drive
  • Train Using His Natural Pack Drive
  • Train Using His Natural Defense Drive
  • Learn The Importance Of A Proper Training Foundation
  • Learn The Basics Of Sit, Down, Recall, Heel, Wait, Watch
  • Learn To Stop Bad Behavior Naturally Before It Even Starts
  • Learn To Stop His Aggression
  • Learn How To Take The Edge Off Your Hyperactive Dog


What It is NOT:

It will in no way make him robotic or mechanical in nature… nor will it rob your dog of his character or pride. These types of techniques are inhumane and only lay the groundwork for a resentful, and unhealthy relationship. In addition, this book will not cure an unsocial or dangerous animal of their bad habits. Nor is this book a tool to raise a hunting dog.

Remember, this is developed to create a healthy, happy and intelligent Beagle.

Imagine feeling completely comfortable walking him on the sidewalk …even while other dogs and people walk right past. After speaking a “sit” or “down” command… He will behave in that position… anxiously awaiting your next command.

Or…imagine being able to let him off the leash for a run only to willingly race back to your side at your first command.

With this you’ll easily train your dog to do all these things and more, without paying a professional trainer thousands of dollars in fees … And without using cruel or intimidating tactics.

And the fact that YOU will train your dog as opposed to a total stranger… this will create a bond that only you and your Beagle can have. He’ll respect you for the education you’ve provided.

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Beagle Dog Zone Training Guide for Obedience And Companionship