BBQ Secrets Revealed: Barbecue Grilling Techniques Guide Book


BBQ Secrets Revealed: Barbecue Grilling Tecniques Guide Book


Want to cook up BBQ so tasty your guests beg for seconds and talk about it for weeks?

Amazing Secret Finally Revealed by Retired Kentucky Restaurant Owner Eliminates All Guesswork… And Makes Cooking Up ‘Practically Addictive’ Barbecue Simple!

Now you can learn to make everything you grill or barbecue 100% more flavorful almost overnight, getting the perfect results you could only dream of before… while grilling steak after steak, and rib after rib, exactly how you want it, as consistent as clockwork… and, if you’re like most barbecuers, turning heads at your very next BBQ!

Introducing… “BBQ Secrets Revealed: Barbecue Grilling Tecniques Guide Book”


“BBQ Secrets Revealed: Barbecue Grilling Techniques Guide Book” is written for “regular people” with little or no experience in barbecuing as well as the seasoned pro. The information is broken down into “bite-size chunks” so learning is fast, easy and fun.

Imagine The Looks On Your Friends Faces The First Time They See Your Super Sizzling Suppers.

How would it make you feel to create masterpieces so awesome folks can’t help asking for seconds?

How’d you like to know so much about grilling, your buddies start calling you “The Neighborhood Barbecue King!” How great is that?

And, in addition to the praise and admiration of your friends and family, can you imagine how incredible you’ll feel every time you fire up to the grill? You’ll feel like you can do anything, right?

Just a few minutes from now you could be planning it with “insider” tips and secret recipes that could save you hours of trial and error and make your dream meals a reality in a matter of minutes instead of months.

Did you read that? A Matter Of Minutes! Most people never make it past the dreaming stage.

You could do it with a gas grill and still achieve that smoky flavor (and enjoy the overwhelming feeling of achievement)

You could roast ribs and keep them moist and juicy (and show ’em how it “should be done”!)

You could smoke fish to perfection (and never worry about it sticking to the grill)

You could cook the best tasting chicken you and your guests have EVER had! (No matter how many other recipes you’ve tried!)

Would that be great or what?

That’s what this brand new book brings to you.

BBQ Secrets Revealed: Barbecue Grilling Techniques Guide Book is not another gigantic “manual” of nothing but recipes. Instead, it’s filled with the real answers you want to know.

Inside this book you’ll discover all types of exciting tips. From how to make the ultimate rubs and sauces… to what supplies you’ll need. From how to grill baby back ribs that taste even better than the ones served in famous restaurants… to how to tell when your grill is at the perfect temperature for the meat you’re preparing!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover in BBQ Secrets Revealed: Barbecue Grilling Techniques Guide Book:

  • How even a beginner can get started and prepare incredible meals (that’s right, you don’t need to be a chef) – Page 32
  • The absolute best time during the cooking process to add the sauce (to get the great taste), but never burn the sauce to the meat! – Pages 32, 34, 37
  • The surefire temperatures for your meat, fish or fowl (this will make all the difference in the world!) – Pages 13, 18, 19, 35, 37, 121, 124
  • The amazingly simple and best way to prepare pork ribs! – Page 38
  • How to cook tasty fish the right way without using aluminum foil – Page 123
  • 174 competition-level recipes for the best Rubs, Marinades, Mops, Brines, and Sauces you’ve ever had in your life! – Pages 39 – 104
  • How to quickly and easily get that smoky flavor from a gas grill! (YES! it CAN be done!) – Page 31
  • The guaranteed secrets that the pro BBQ’ers use to keep ribs moist and juicy on the grill! – Pages 38, 116, 117, 118, 127, 128
  • The little-understood secret behind selecting the right ribs for your meal – Page 117
  • The best way to marinade and cook pork spare ribs on an open barbecue – Page 117
  • Is it safe to smoke a hunk of pork without “treating” it? – Page 117
  • The best woods to smoke with (and why some are not good at all!) – Page 28
  • Does the type of cooking determine whether you use a dry rub or wet sauce? – Page 127
  • The number one secret to barbecuing chicken to perfection every time! (It’s amazingly simple!) – Page 121
  • The 5 easy steps for making a great barbecued brisket (like they sell sliced and piled high in sandwiches at fairs) – Page 124
  • How to get a wood/smoke scent with a gas grill (like you would with a wood fire) – Page 33
  • Inside secrets: How restaurants seem to get the flavor through the entire chicken and not just on the surface! – Page 128
  • How to tell when the meat you’re cooking is the way you want it! – Page 38
  • Should ribs be covered when they are cooking, or cooked with nothing over them? – Page 23
  • Should you cook with high heat for a short time or low heat for a longer time? (The answer may surprise you!) – Pages 34 & 35
  • How to grill seafood (and how to keep it from attaching itself to the grill!) – Page 122
  • How to tell when it is cooked but still juicy (you may only know part of the answer) – Page 38
  • How to prevent flare ups – Page 32
  • The closely-guarded secrets of Ribs – Pages 26, 38, 117, 118, 127, 128
  • The best cut of pork to use in a smoker when preparing pulled pork – Page 29
  • The ultimate way to prepare the best tasting barbecued baby back ribs! (Better than the “famous” restaurants!) – Page 43
  • How to choose the best wood (Oak? Hickory? Apple? Pecan?) – Page 50
  • Can a propane grill be used to cook with indirect heat? – Page 126
  • Should the membrane be taken off the ribs before or after smoking on the grill? – Page 117
  • How hot the fire should be for different meats (discover this tip and you’ll save entire meals!) – Page 53
  • The right way to prep a new BBQ – Page 32 (and how to clean it!) Page 34
  • How to make pulled barbecue from a pork roast (or any pork cut) on a regular indoor stove – Page 30
  • In the market for a new grill? (It’s all about choices. Heat grates? Rocks? Other?) – Page 20
  • How a brick BBQ cooker is built. Learn the best way to go about it. (and what you need to ask yourself before you do!) – Pages 18
  • The absolute easiest way to smoke fish on the grill! – Pages 122
  • The best way to use Liquid Smoke in a Roaster – Pages 23 & 33 All about smoking meats (including how to know when they’re done!) – Page 114
  • When BBQ’ing ribs, is it best to slow cook them over low heat or cook them over very high heat? – Pages 38, 117, 127
  • How to grill pork ribs so they don’t come out tasting like roast! – Pages 38, 127
  • The proper way to mix fish and meat – Page 129
  • Learn why green pecan wood can make meat taste bitter – Page 28
  • Should you have your grill on while smoking meat? (for dry smoke?) – Page 20
  • The hottest temperature you can achieve on a grill – Page 33
  • How to get the skin on pork to crisp without burning – Pages 29, 34
  • And much, much more!

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BBQ Secrets Revealed: Barbecue Grilling Tecniques Guide Book