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Calling all basketball coaches who are tired of watching their team struggle and sick of not being able to win when it counts….

“World Famous College Coach Finally Shows You the “Shortcuts” You Can Use to Turn Any Team Into a High-Scoring Lockdown-Defense, Championship Contenders!”

These shortcuts will let you dominate other teams at will, and pretty soon you’ll have a squad of “go-to” players.

If you’re SERIOUS about getting everything you can from your team, then this page really may be the most important one you’ve ever come across.

You’ll be:

  • winning more games…
  • Scoring more points…
  • Dominating even the toughest opponents…
  • And you can expect to start noticing these improvements just a few weeks from now!

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You watch them sweat blood and tears every time in practice… they work as hard as they can.

They run the systems perfectly, and go hard in every single scrimmage.

Each practice finishes, and they’re drenched in sweat, and spent. They’ve given you everything.

As a coach, you can’t ask any more of your players.

But come game time, it doesn’t matter…

Some bigger, stronger team comes and destroys them. Smashing all their dreams, all their hopes. You can see their hearts breaking as the game goes on.

And then it all falls apart… they stop getting back on D, stop hustling for rebounds and loose balls. Sluggish moves on the court, heads hanging low…

… basically, they’re beaten long before the final buzzer.

And it doesn’t matter how hard you and your squad go in practice. If you come up against a bigger, stronger team, chances are you’re done, right?

Sometimes It Feels Like You’re Letting Them Down, Doesn’t It?

You feel like you could have done more… run a different offense, maybe switched the matchups around a little sooner…

But guess what? (This may be a revelation to you, so listen up)

All coaches get those feelings. Everybody.

No matter how many wins you have under your belt, how many close games you’ve had, how many blowouts…

… it’s always the same.

Seriously – NBA coaches feel it, college coaches… even the basketball coach down at the local Y.

Losing always hurts… whichever level you’re at.

And sure, losing game 7 of the NBA finals is going to sting a little more… but that painful feeling, the guilt you get when your team drops an everyday game, that’s something that never goes away.

But listen… what if there was a better way? What if there was a way to get more out of your players?

More progress, more development, less practice time.


Basketball Training Drills Program for Coaches

If you’re a coach and you’ve struggled to help your team win, then frankly, “Basketball Training Drills Program for Coaches” could be all you ever need to turn them into a dominant powerhouse.

Imagine being able to arm your squad with exactly the kinds of skills it takes to turn every single one of them into a standout player… knowing that every player, 1 thru 12, is going to be able to outplay, outmuscle, and just straight-up outshine whomever they play against… on both ends of the floor.

Check out some of the stuff you’re going to be seeing  in the Basketball Training Drills Program for Coaches:

  • How to take any team at any level and turn them into a dominant force… no matter what level they’re at now or how hard they practice, you’ll see almost instant improvements in every aspect of the game.
  • How to give your players the skills it takes to be able to win all the time, not just on good days – the great teams are the ones that win consistently, and with these skills, your players will.
  • The smart, almost stupid technique for turning every player on the squad into a well-rounded player with legitimate skill… in every area of the game. (This is so simple that you honestly won’t believe you never realized it before)
  • The unique secret behind turning your biggest, least mobile players into lightening quick marauders who can control the whole floor on both Offense and Defense… and when your big guys are fast, too, the other team is all but beaten.
  • How to FORCE other teams into making mistakes and bad choices… and then capitalize with easy lay-ups at the other end… and every easy lay-up is another nail in their coffin, screwing up their mental game and giving you an even further edge.
  • How to turn every player on the squad into a devastating dead-eye shooter, and sculpt their jump shot into a quick release points machine (you’ll even see how to make this jump shot almost impossible to stop, no matter how tall the other guy is).
  • The points-generating secret behind making it impossible for your defender to stay between you and the basket… you’re going to make the poor guy suffer so much you’ll almost feel sorry for him each time you blow by…
  • How to guarantee your players get more out of less practice time… not every team gets to practice each day like college and pro-players… so you’ll see how to use super-focused techniques to get more gains from less time.

And that really is just scratching the surface. Seriously, there’s a ton of other stuff. Think about what it’s going to be like once your team has skills like this… picture it: You start to notice the difference in your players immediately, the very next time you practice… by the next game, not only are their skills improving, but they’ve got increased confidence to back those skills up.

In a few months, those improvements have just continued… stronger, faster players able to out psych the other team whenever they need to.

Suddenly, you’ve got a team capable of winning any given game convincingly. No more lucky wins, depending on coaching mistakes, or hoping the big teams get hit by injury before you play them.

No way. You’ll be fielding a team that’s ready to win any game.

And sure, the physical game plays a big part. But listen – once your players start to realize the physical advantages they have over their opposition, they’ll start to gain confidence…

… and when they start to get confidence in their abilities, the sky is the limit.

More won games. Better team chemistry. Better performance from players 1 thru 12.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Well listen, it’s like this when you’ve got a team where every single player is maxing out their potential.

Seriously, with things like this, your players will be dominating:

  • How to instantly freeze the defense, and have your players blow past them time and again for easy lay-ups, dunks, floaters, and any other shot you can imagine… you’ll destroy their confidence and the game will turn into a rout before you know it…
  • The simple tweak you can make to your players’ crossovers that turns them from easy steal targets to ankle-breakers overnight… (crossovers so quick the defenders will have to sag off, leaving you wide open over and over).
  • Get into the lane at will and score over bigger, stronger defenders every time… your players will have such an arsenal of high quality shots at their disposal, even a seven foot defender will pose no problems…
  • How to get an instant “feel” for the ball, no matter how long it’s been since you last practiced… once you’ve got this down, you’ll know your players are always ready to go, and they won’t rely on complex practice routines to get into a game-ready state…
  • Get the instant shortcut to shooting devastatingly accurate floaters that NO ONE could block… your guys will rack up so many points with these you’ll have the other team’s big men falling over themselves to get a swipe at one… and failing.
  • How to guarantee that every single player on your squad can hit from any spot inside the arc… that means the other team’s big players will have to extend to cover their men… leaving plenty of space for you to swoop inside and finish strong.
  • Give every player on your team the ability to lay the ball in and attack the hoop strong with either hand at will… everybody on the floor will be a tough cover for the opposition – forcing them to their weak hand just won’t work!
  • Have your players able to bust out of every single defensive situation and nail a super accurate shot every time… once your players nail this, they’ll be able to fire off quick-release money shots so fast the other team will have no chance of stopping them…


If you’ve ever wanted to have the bragging rights over who’s the best team in your league, division, conference, whichever, this is exactly what you need.

  • Get your players to fine tune their feet and legs for more explosiveness, decisive direction changes, increased quickness at both ends, and the game-winning ability to beat their opponents to any spot on the floor time and time again…
  • How to know when it’s safe to green light your team from behind the arc… tired of leaving it to chance and watching the team give away points every night by not hitting open threes? Soon you’ll know BEFORE the game when to let it fly…
  • Give your players an almost immediate boost in flexibility… ever seen guys like Dwyane Wade flowing into the lane and using their flexibility to nail the tough shots? Well, pretty soon your players will have that exact kind of flexibility.
  • Toughen your players’ knees and ankles to the point where they’re almost immune to injuries and sprains… can you imagine going a whole season without having to worry about losing star players due to the plain old bad luck of injuries?
  • The unique, super intense 30-second drill that gives vertical leap like a jack-in-the-box, crazy fast foot-speed, greater agility and the balance of a gyroscope… (this drill alone can easily increase rebounds at both ends and your points per game)
  • Guarantee that your players can almost always nail their free throws, even if it’s triple OT and they’re so exhausted they can barely stand up (free throws win games, and if you’re serious about success, your players NEED this skill).
  • How to turn every player on your squad into a defensive hawk – they’ll suck in steals like an industrial vacuum, and the other team will have such a hard time dealing with the pressure, they’ll start to be afraid every time they put the ball on the floor…
  • Clean the glass at both ends so effectively your opponents will think you’ve got a squeegee and a bucket up there… (more rebounds = more points for you, and less for the other guys… this drill alone is a game-changer)
  • Why the oldest piece of equipment in the gym is all you need for world-class balance, endless stamina, increased quickness, agility, jumping ability, and just about everything else you need to play this game at the highest level possible.
  • Why Tim Duncan holds the key to getting your players to a place where they can make any shot from any angle, no matter who’s guarding them or how tired they are… you’ll see exactly why Tim’s so hard to stop, and how to replicate it.
  • The quick and easy way to develop amazing ball handling skills… it’s fast, it’s fun, and the best part is that you don’t even need a special place to practice… this is just about the #1 way that top level players develop and maintain their ball familiarity.

No matter what level your team is at right now, eBasketballDrills – Basketball Training Drills Program for Coaches can help you take them to the next level. You’ll plow through opponents and win championships like you’re the only team in the league…

There are hours and hours of drills and footage that are going to help your team get better almost instantly.

Picture it for a second – holding up that trophy at the end of a tough season – sharing the victory with the team. It would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

eBasketballDrillsBasketball Training Drills Program for Coaches is a complete basketball community – you get access to a forum where you’ll get to meet lots of other coaches in the same position as you, and you’ll get to see inside some of the brightest minds in coaching today…

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Basketball Training Drills Program for Coaches