Basketball Speed, Agility & Quickness Program: Train Like Pro


Basketball Speed, Agility & Quickness Program: Train Like Pro


Get blazing fast, lightning quick, and extraordinarily explosive. Gain access to the same training curriculum as the NBA’s most athletic players, with the world’s most comprehensive, pro-style, 6-week basketball-specific speed, agility & quickness program.

Are you tired of being average athletically?

Or, even worse… tired of being one of the slowest guys on the team?

Are the best players blowing by you?

Are you not getting buckets on the fast break?

Are you sick of not being quick enough to beat good defenders off the dribble?

Are you ready to take your athleticism to the next level?

Just imagine blowing by that quality defender for a crucial bucket in a game.

Imagine doubling your scoring average because you’re always able to get steals and fastbreak points.

Imagine locking up that hyped opponent with ALL the scouts watching.

It’s time for you to train like a pro.

It’s time, now, for you to work on the same regimented training course that the TOP pros work on in the offseason to come back faster.

Now, this isn’t a get quicker in 5 minutes course!

This isn’t a gimmicky, jump higher in 2 weeks course!

This is a detailed 6-week course, that, if you follow it to a tee, you will have changed your game completely & totally. No gimmicks. No silly guarantees. Just pro-style growth.

Train Like A Pro

The players who make it at the highest levels have trained this way in their whole life. Eliminate the advantage and take your game to a professional level. It’s time that you stop settling, and you invest in yourself; it’s time that you prepare the right way.

It’s a Way of Life

It is not just a secret, a drill or a workout- it’s a lifestyle. And, it starts with the dedication to the foundational elements of your game, such as speed, agility and quickness.

Introducing… Basketball Speed, Agility & Quickness Program: Train Like Pro

Jun 7, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley (8) laughs during practice before game 2 of the 2014 NBA Finals at Spurs Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With this course, you’re working muscles you didn’t know you had.

You’re warming up, driving your knees higher, exploding off the ground with more force, and doing so without any dangerous methodology.

You’re getting results without sacrificing your safety, because you’re building up your ankle stability, your balance, your stabilizing muscles, your core & your coordination.

In 6 weeks, when you’re finished with your first cycle through the training, your feet are light, your side-to-side movement is lightning quick, your strides are EXPLOSIVE, and your footwork is super-coordinated and agile.

What’s Inside Basketball Speed, Agility & Quickness Program: Train Like Pro

  • Resistance Module – Natural resistance safely, and quickly improves your explosiveness. This module helps your vert, top-end speed & explosion, and your defensive athleticism.
  • Agility Module – This agility/ladder module gets you moving extremely quick, it gets you coordinated, and it helps build a strong athletic foundation. This module is especially effective for your rhythm and speed.
  • Cone Module – This module helps your agility, dexterity and ankle stability, as well as your foot quickness, reach the next level.

Plus, Bonuses!

Weekly Newsletters

Each week, we will continue to send all active NLSAQ players a weekly newsletter with brand new drills, tips and information.

Chatting in Facebook Group

We’re in our Facebook group day & night, evening & weekend- helping with individual basketball-specific questions, comments and more.

Bonus: Extra Non-Ladder Agility Workout

This extra workout can be done anywhere or anytime, with no equipment required. It greatly improves your rhythm & speed, just like the ladder module.

Plus: Dynamic Stretching + Warmup

Warm up properly for each workout like a pro, with Dynamic motion stretching. Dynamic stretching warms your muscles up faster, prepares your muscles in a sport-specific way, continues mental preparation (reduces relaxation prior to workout) and improves your range of motion, which is crucial when working on your Speed, Agility & Quickness!

The Difference is in the Details…

Your foundation will be built up and strengthened, and you will ALWAYS benefit from this first 6 week cycles.

These results will come with the correct progression, so your speed, agility and quickness WILL improve.

Injury prevention work will make sure you can fend off avoidable injuries- your stabilizer muscles, your ankle stability, and more, will be night & day.


Here’s What You Can Expect in Basketball Speed, Agility & Quickness Program: Train Like Pro

Phase 1 (First week) Your feet will feel quicker and lighter, immediately, after the first couple workouts.

Phase 2 (1-2 weeks) Your 40 time, and your shuttle times will be faster within 1 week.

Phase 3 (2-3 weeks) You will be jumping 2-5 inches higher within the first 2-3 weeks.

Phase 4 (6 weeks) Within 6 weeks, your speed from basket to basket, your lateral movement from side-to-side, your agility and quickness in short spaces, and your vertical jump (1 leg, especially) will be more explosive.

Are you ready to take this 6-week journey to athletic dominance?

Now it’s time to make a decision.

How serious are you about basketball?

Because you know, just like we know, that athleticism is a huge part of that.

Handles are great.

Shooting is probably the most important skill in the game.

But, you have to be able to get your shot off. And, you have to be able to close out on shooters.

Or your game is incomplete.

Without the athleticism, all your skill that you work so hard to develop, is essentially useless.

So, do you want to be a college player, or even a pro one day?

Train like it!

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Basketball Speed, Agility & Quickness Program: Train Like Pro