Baseball Swing Mastery Training for Kids, Parents and Coaches


Baseball Swing Mastery Training for Kids, Parents and Coaches


When advice such as “Swing down on the ball!” or “You’re dropping your back shoulder!” just doesn’t cut it, and you’re looking for your kid to be the one that bats over .500 and hits the game winning home run, then this program is just the solution for you…

You will learn how to hit for a higher average, hit with more power, including the long ball (the home run) using the course’s step-by-step system. You will also learn how to get your kid off the bench and keep them in the game, transform your son into the STAR of their team, train your son to effortlessly hit home runs, increase your son’s batting average to .500 and beyond, and build your son’s confidence through baseball that will spread to other areas of their life and much more.

It shows you the step-by-step process for easily optimizing keeping your bat in the hitting zone, and shows you what each part of your body needs to be doing at each and every point of the swing. You will be able to effortlessly perform the optimal swing that will allow you to get hit after hit without even having to think about what you are doing, because we will condition all the proper mechanics of the swing into your body, so the proper mechanics just flow out of your body naturally without even having to think about what you’re doing while at bat during a game.

This product is taught in a step-by-step method for the beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced baseball player. No matter what your age this course is designed so that you see measurable results. Perfect for t-ball, little league, travel ball, high school, college or even at the professional level.

Baseball Swing Mastery Training for Kids, Parents and Coaches can be used individually by the player, parent or coach. The training is taught in a way that allows the player to easily take the information and apply it on them self, as well as the coach or parent to be able to take the information in the product and apply it to their son or player on their team.

Introducing… Baseball Swing Mastery Training for Kids, Parents and Coaches

Module #1 is all about setting a solid foundation for a major league swing. It includes over 15 videos where you will discover…

  • How to MASTER the proper mechanics for the first half of the Swing! (Including the Grip, Pre-stance, Stance, Stride & Load, and Hitting Position)
  • How to Condition the proper mechanics of the swing into your kid’s body, so it’s Automatic!
  • We’ll Assess Your Kid’s Swing and discover how to tackle your kid’s Unique Scenario!
  • How to Use the 1, 2, 3 Drill to Effectively Condition the proper mechanics in to your kid’s swing!

Module #2 Mastering the Mechanics of the Baseball Swing (Part II)

  • How to Master the Proper Mechanics for the second half of the swing! (Including the Approach to the ball, Contact, and Post-contact)
  • How to Maximize Making Contact with the ball so your kid can Hit for Average!
  • When to Hit for Power and when NOT to hit for power and How!
  • Learn where POWER really comes from!
  • Learn the Secrets to having Opposite Field Power!
  • Learn how to Hit for Both Average & Power at the Same Time!

Module 3: Core Topics

  • In Depth Coverage on The #1 Myth and much, MUCH, More!
  • In depth coverage on which types of batting cage set ups are good and bad!
  • Which Pitching machines you should use and which ones Will Do More Harm Than Good for your swing!
  • What you really should be working on during batting practice!
  • The Keys to Hitting for Power!
  • The Mental Keys to Hitting and much, much, more!

No one likes to watch their kid sit on the bench, strike out, or be unhappy. Not you, and not your kid. The longer you wait to take action, the harder it is to break bad habits that your kid probably has developed or will develop if they continue what they’re doing in swinging the wrong way. Don’t let this be you. This program is your blue print to Mastering the baseball swing!

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Baseball Swing Mastery Training for Kids, Parents and Coaches