Baseball Players Sports Nutrition Training Course


Baseball Players Sports Nutrition Training Course


Introducing… Baseball Players Sports Nutrition Training Course


The Baseball Players Sports Nutrition Training Course is a 3 part course that represents 3 stages of muscle growth for an elite athlete. Each day you train, you will go through a 3 part change in muscle adaptation.

Here is what to expect…

The Power Stage

The power stage begins 10 minutes prior to your workout and continues during it. Here is what you learn for this important stage of muscle growth:

  • Learn what energy systems you use during high intensity workout and what fuel your muscles need during this time frame
  • Learn what hormone changes are occurring and what hormones assist immediately during workouts and throughout your day
  • Specifically learn about cortisol, the enemy hormone (One of the leading causes of performance plateaus).
  • We go over protein balance, and how your workout changes your bodies reliance on protein.
  • Learn about muscle fiber damage, the good damage and the bad.
  • Learn about muscle damage markers and how to neutralize them with nutrients.
  • Learn how to strengthen your immune system by adding certain elements to your diet.
  • You will learn the metabolic activity occurring during your workout and why its important.
  • You’ll be guided through goal prioritization during this stage, what is most important for your muscles right away.
  • Learn how to increase nutrient supply while preserving muscle glycogen and muscle protein.
  • Learn how to increase exercise endurance by adding certain nutrition elements while your train
  • Learn how to minimize muscle damage during workout and what you can do to lower negative muscle damage markers.

and most importantly….

Learn how to set up your muscles for faster recovery post workout.

This all starts 10 minutes prior to your workout and during it.

Then you’ll be guided into the exact supplement recommendations to consider during this stage of muscle growth and why.

You’ll learn about the exact measurements of supplementation during the Power Stage.

The end results…

You train harder, longer and recover faster…

The Anabolic Stage

The Anabolic Stage begins immediately following your workout and continues until 120 minutes after your workout. Here is the powerful time period when you can change your muscle recovery by spiking certain hormones and increasing nutrient availability. The Anabolic Stage is full of published studies that show vital importance of nutrient intervention during this stage of muscle growth.

Here is what you learn…

  • Protein turnover, how your body uses protein during workout and continues to break it down after it. (Good news, you can stop it)
  • You learn about the anabolic switch that takes place by nutrient intervention
  • You learn how the added blood flow from workout, that can be used to transport required nutrients
  • You will learn about insulin resistance
  • You will see studies comparing certain timing of nutrients and the dramatic results
  • You will compare studies regarding amino acid uptake and protein synthesis

You’ll be guided through the goals of anabolic stage:

  • How to shift you metabolic state of your muscles
  • How to increase metabolic waste removal after exercise
  • How to restore muscle glycogen
  • How to initiate proper muscle repair
  • How to reduce muscle damage post workout and strengthen immune system

You will also see studies that compare different post workout supplementation and the net result.

  • You will see the difference between carbohydrate vs amino acid vs carbohydrate/amino acid supplementation
  • You will see antioxidant supplementation studies and how it reduces muscle damage

And next…

Then we walk through the exact supplementation to consider during the Anabolic Stage of muscle growth. Including measurements based on your weight and size. So you can customize your nutrient needs.

The result…

You recover faster and gain more strength per workout. Your fastball velocity increases in LESS time.

The Rebuild Stage Course

After a successful application of the Anabolic Stage, the Rebuild Stage begins and continues until the next time you train the following day. This course, teaches you how to maintain the metabolic levels of activity throughout you entire day. Which leads to quicker muscle development and greater net growth from workouts.

Here is what you will learn in the Rebuild Stage…

  • How to maintain insulin levels throughout your recovery, and studies to show why this is good as an elite athlete
  • How to maintain protein synthesis during the rebuild stage
  • How to maintain a positive nitrogen balance
  • You will learn the optimal amount of protein to consume each day, based on studies presented
  • How protein turnover can lead to greater synthesis rather than degradation with rebuild stage-nutrition

Then, learn the exact supplementation during the Rebuild Stage to maximize muscle growth throughout your day.

This consistent gain during your recovery period leads incredible strength gains that help you have more strength on the pitchers mound.

The results…

You maximize your strength gain and recovery by supplying your system correctly during the 24 hour muscle growth cycle. Leading to faster recovery for your next hard workout.

This Knowledge Will Change Everything

These courses teach you the elite nutrition knowledge to enable you to customize your own nutrition system plan based on research and facts. Remember, this is not a diet plan. The Baseball Players Sports Nutrition Training Course is elite athlete-nutrition-training-course.

You Should Expect Results

What results should you expect from these programs? You should feel an immediate change in energy and strength. Especially the first 3 months of workout. But this program is not only a quick fix, that just fades away. These adaptations you experience will cause long term positive changes. You should expect this knowledge to change your outlook on sports nutrition. Also, you should expect to see your performance output increase. Measure your current weight room lifts (1 rep max). Then measure your current fastball velocity. Prepare to watch your performance excel at a faster rate than ever before.

Also, track your energy level. Notice the extended endurance and the ability to last longer each session. Feel how quickly you recover. Notice how many “good” days you continue to experience. With the Baseball Players Sports Nutrition Training Course, you should feel more energy and see measurable results. You will last longer and train harder each day. From this day forward, your hard work will lead to tangible gains.

Get Excited!

Don’t forget to smile when you friends talk about you getting bigger and stronger.

Be The Next Success Story

To be the next great success story, you must work extremely hard. Harder than anyone on your team. With this program, you will be able to out work, out perform and out last your competition.

With this program, you can keep you current workouts the same. You don’t have to change your pitching mechanics or learn a new drill. You don’t need to try the latest stretch yoga tape or special core workout. You don’t have to change your workout…

You learn scientific facts about elite athlete nutrition. Which leads to research based muscle adaptations that directly aid performance.

You will build the next great athlete.

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Baseball Players Sports Nutrition Training Course