Baseball Mental Game Toughness Approach Tips and Training


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Learn the Secret of Success of MLB Players

What is a Major League Baseball player’s mental toughness SECRET?

How did they get it? Do you want it?

Choice #1 – Take your chances and play your way to the top. The multiple levels of baseball that one must go through is a natural survival of the fittest model. The guys that make it are the ones that learned how to be mentally tough. They are fortunate that their ability allowed their mental makeup to grow as they attained each level.

Choice #2 – Speed up the learning curve. Start using proven techniques now to increase your chances of making it to the next level and once at that level to advance to the one after that – rinse, repeat.

Navy Seals Mental Toughness

The Navy Seal Pass rate was dramatically improved by teaching these four areas

Goal Setting – Bring structure to chaos
Mental Rehearsal – Visualization
Self Talk – Frontal lobes are always talking
Arousal Control – Breathing

There is a big difference between listing attributes of mental toughness and teaching someone the HOW to be mentally tough. The CAP Video Set will give you proven techniques to gain total control of your performance.

What is Mental Toughness in Baseball?

The Shorter the Time the Tougher You Are!

Does it take you the whole At Bat to recover from failure? Does it take you the whole inning? The whole game? STOP throwing away at bats. Learn how to recover in real time – In the moment, in the now. Have you ever taken your at bat to the field and then made an error? That is not being mentally tough.

As a pitcher have you been taken out of a game and after you are in the dugout you realize what happened? That is not being mentally tough. Learn how to recover immediately rather than after the event is over.



You will be working on mental toughness drills within minutes. You will learn how to slow the game down and to play one pitch at a time. You’ll acquire laser focus and your confidence will be through the roof.

These are digital downloads. You will have the whole set of videos within minutes of purchase! What are you waiting for? Get your set today!

Almost 4 hours of video instruction.

The video set is a whole self-paced course in the mental game of baseball. If you are a pro or college player you will just take off with this material!

If you are a high school player you will excel as well, but realize that there is so much information that you can’t use it all right away. As you grow as a player go back to the videos and get more!

lIf you are a parent of a youth player, you will have to watch the program yourself and roll out the system over time as your player works his way up the ranks. You will also find that the information and the techniques will help you in your job and in your life!

It’s like having me, Rick Harig, as your personal Performance and Development Coach!

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Baseball Mental Game Toughness Approach Tips and Training