Baseball Glove Repair, Reconditioning and Restoration How to Book


Baseball Glove Repair, Reconditioning and Restoration How to Book


The Dog Days Of Summer!

The MLB 2015 season is now into the second half of the season. It’s nice to see that no one team is running away with a division yet. Guess we’ll have to wait until early September or so to see if we’re going to have tight division races heading towards the end of the season.

Community leagues, Federation leagues and other leagues of higher competition are done or winding down except for some All Star games and tournament play. Some of you are getting ready for High School and College fall sports too. So even thought the Major Leagues have just passed the half way point, for many of you, the 2015 baseball season, for the most part, is over. Even though the season is winding down, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to still take care of your glove the rest of the way!

Your glove may have experienced hot, dry weather, followed by some wet, muddy games this season…and then more hot, dry and dusty conditions. These are conditions that age your glove and make the leather and laces weak if ignored for 3 or 4 months each summer, season after season.

You can keep your glove looking and feeling nearly new, year after year, if you just do some “maintenance” every once in a while. Why risk having your laces become real loose or even break, or having its leather dry out and start ripping? All this means is that you’ll be without your favorite glove for a number of games if you have to send it away to get repaired.

fix-that-glove-coverBaseball Glove Repair, Reconditioning and Restoration How to Book

It would be so much better if you knew when you should do some “maintenance” on your glove and more importantly, knew what to use and how to use it. This book can do this for you, showing you how to keep your favorite glove on the field with you, instead of on the shelf somewhere dried and broken.

And best of all, if you do have a lace break, or just need to replace old, dried out laces, This ebook can help you with this too, giving you tips and examples for relacing, plus showing you some of the tools that will make this job a lot easier. Fix it overnight, for nearly nothing, instead of sending it away for a week for a lot of money!

Why Repair Your Own?

As a baseball or softball player you’ve probably had this happen at least once during your playing years. You field the hard grounder or hard line shot only to find the ball stuck in the back of your baseball glove or in the web of your glove. Worse yet, the ball goes right through it. You look down at it only to see the torn or broken lace hanging out of its back. There’s a hole or gap that gets bigger and bigger with every ball that you field.

And now, you start thinking about making errors or getting hurt from a ball ripping through the broken web. Thinking too much is not good!

Many times players will play with the break. They’ll tie it some way, some how. If the break doesn’t get any bigger, they’ll use the glove for the rest of the season until there’s time to do something about it in the off-season. For many baseball gloves, that ends up being the fix… it just stays that way…BROKEN.

Many players have older baseball gloves that they’ll “rehire” to make it through the season. Some of these are broken too, but just not as bad. And sometimes they are used into the next season or used until they become too bad to play with also. If you learn how to fix it, you won’t have a stash of broken gloves that you go to when the one that you are using breaks…you’ll always have a good one to go to when you need it.

Other players will reluctantly go out and buy a brand new. If they only knew that restringing is really not that hard at all, they could learn how to repair their own gloves quickly and at low cost…and there would be no need to go out and spend a lot of money on a new, stiff glove.

Why Do It Yourself?

Getting a new one can be expensive. This is probably one of the two biggest reasons to repair your own. Relacing, cleaning and conditioning is cheap compared to buying a new one and it is not that hard to fix and clean it up.

Breaking in a new one can take some time and you may not have that time right in the middle of the season. New, expensive ones with the “real” leather can take a whole off-season to break in.

Your baseball glove is custom-fit for your hand, you play well with it and you just don’t want to give it up for a new, stiff glove that you’ll have to break in.

Why People Don’t Repair Their Own Gloves

Basically…they are just afraid to get started…because they don’t know what to do.

They think they’ll forget where laces go and where they came from. Then, they think that they’ll end up relacing the glove wrong and ruin it.

They think that it will just take too long and they don’t have the time.

They don’t know where or how to really start relacing it.

They don’t know what tools to use or where to get them.

They don’t know how to condition and restore it that seems like it’s worn out and ready to be thrown away.

Here’s How This Book Can Help You

Most importantly, how to repair it FAST! Don’t send your glove away for a week and $50.00 when you can do it yourself in one evening!

It will show you that it’s not really that hard to fix it and how you can make the easiest repairs for only $5.00 to $10.00.

It will show you what tools to get and where to get them so that your job can be made easier.

It will show you what to use to condition, soften and restore its leather. Also, it will show you where you can buy some of these conditioners.

Make A Little Money For Yourself Shiny Quarters

This book will give you some ideas on how to make money with your own little baseball glove repair service. It’s funny, word travels fast. If you fix someone’s glove, it only takes another person asking, “Hey, who fixed your glove?” and before you know it, you’re repairing another one…and then another….and then another.

This book will show you how you can easily and quickly learn how to repair and restore it. Don’t send your glove away for a week or so for $50.00 or more…do it yourself!

Fix the broken laces and “condition” so that it looks and feels years younger. More importantly, it will last much longer if you know how to fix it and “condition” it with the proper materials.

Do it for kids and adults in your community leagues and make a little money for yourself. People will thank you over and over again for fixing their gloves and their kids’ gloves. They’ll have no problem paying you either.

This can be a fun little thing and you can really make people feel good when you give them their glove back, all cleaned up and ready to go. However, you can really fall into a simple trap here, and this book can point out a few things to think about early if you start fixing gloves as a small home-based business.

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Baseball Glove Repair, Reconditioning and Restoration How to Book