Balloon Decor Secrets – Balloon Decorating Ideas


Balloon Decor Secrets – Balloon Decorating Ideas


Former professional balloon decorator is revealing her insider’s balloon decorating secrets and techniques so YOU can create your own STUNNING professional-quality balloon decorations and save hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on your wedding!

Here’s a piece of INSIDER INFORMATION you should know:

A professional balloon decorator or balloon decorating company usually charges a whopping 5 to 8 times the actual cost of the supplies — so you do the math!

What you’re paying for is their know-how, expertise and time. And of course, their profit margin. They’re in business, they don’t do balloon decorating for recreation, so they’ve got to make money. That’s understandable, and they deserve to be paid well for their time, effort and skill. I was a balloon decorator for many years, and believe me, my time and expertise was well worth what my customers paid me, as is the case for all the other skilled professional balloon decorators in the business. But by doing your own balloon decor, as you can see, you’ll save a TON of cash on the cost of decorations for your wedding, party or event! You’ll get the look of a big-budget affair for literally fractions of what it would normally cost.

Balloons themselves don’t cost a lot of money. In fact, balloons are cheap! Yes, even top quality balloons, like the Qualatex┬«. brand, which every professional balloon decorator uses, and which I highly recommend that you use for best results as well. With the help of Balloon Decor Secrets, all you’ll pay to create awesome balloon decor which is nothing short of magical will be the small cost of the balloons (and any other supplies you decide to use – for instance, ribbon, tulle, etc.) and the cost of this very inexpensive guide. That’s it.

Introducing… Balloon Decor Secrets


It can literally save you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. It will slash your wedding costs and stretch your budget. It will give a lavishly decorated wedding without paying the price that normally goes with it.

Your wedding will have that big budget look, without the cost.

And, of course, it can be used to create fabulous balloon decor for any event or party, not just weddings.

Let your guests think you spent a fortune! No one needs to know how little you paid. Or, if you prefer, go ahead and let them know you did it all yourself! Impress them with your talent and creativity. They’ll be amazed, and you’ll be admired.

In Balloon Decor Secrets, You’ll Quickly Discover, In Very Simple Steps, How to Make Your Own Gorgeous:

Numbers and Letters
Double Bubble
Special Effects
And More!

When it Comes to Your Wedding, You Only Get One Chance to Get it Right.

Also Ideal For Decorating:

Anniversary Parties
Birthday Parties
Retirement Parties
Baby Showers
Bridal Showers
Any Special Social Event or Occasion
Whenever You Want the WOW Factor!

Hiring a Professional Balloon Decorating Can Set You Back Hundreds of Dollars or More.

This do-it-yourself guide will enable you to SAVE HUNDREDS of dollars & still HAVE THE LOOK OF HIGH END BALLOON DECOR!


Balloon Decor Secrets – Balloon Decorating Ideas