Ballet Bible Dancing Instruction – Ballet Dancer’s Study Guide


Ballet Bible Dancing Instruction – Ballet Dancer’s Study Guide


Obviously ballet is not something you can learn overnight and be a superstar at by morning. Ballet takes years to master and one of the best ways to improve is by having your own dance teacher.

Many dance teachers across the country are recommending this package to their students as required reading because they are undoubtedly noticing the difference in the improvement of those following this advice.

Introducing: The Ballet Bible – The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina

the-ballet-bible-coverThe 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina

This ebook has but a single, ultimate goal: To be so clear on exactly how to improve your ballet technique that you will be wondering how on earth you could have gotten so far without The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina.

You will be amazed at this books ability to teach you how to dance with grace, precision, and poise.

This is so valuable. There are very few resources that help you visualize and understand common mistakes.

You would be surprised at the number of students who learn bad habits and keep them for life stunting any possibility of them actually progressing to a professional level. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know to start off on the right foot.

You’ll learn the correct methods to many sequence movements.

It offers you more than 200 pages of practical, concrete how-to methods with complete descriptions and explanations founded on solid dancing theory.

Here is a small list of some of the things you can expect from this book:

– Advice on how to succeed as a dancer.
– What you should look for in a dance teacher – If you don’t know what to look for you could end paying good money for bad advice.
– The History of Ballet – Learn How and Where ballet got it’s form and its significance in today’s dancing.
– Ballet Class – From Adage to Pointe. Learn how a class is structured and the significance of each part.
– French Terminology – How to decipher common words.
– Incorrect diagrams. See first hand how NOT to perform a movement or stance. No other guide shows you this!
– Ballet Style – Learn the difference between everyday movement and ballet movement – Includes detailed pictures and explanations!
– How to make sure you are not weakening your muscles or unbalancing your joints. Many dancers compromise their training with poor habits outside the studio.
– Classical Ballet Training: From Start to Finish – The method, movements, and technique. You will be blown away at your improvement!
– Learn the correct way to perform Developpés: Most dancers never learn the correct form and wonder why they can’t balance properly and can’t do it fast enough.
– Common Errors – Some dancers struggle again and again with the same things. You will be able to quickly identify your weak points and find out exactly how to correct them.
– The 6 primary positions of the feet. Where every movement starts and finishes. This is essential training!
– The 9 Arm Poses – Learn exactly how to perform each pose. You will undoubtedly impress others with your comprehensive knowledge.
– Detailed Movement Guide – From Plié to Pirouette: Everything including Sur le Coup de Pied, Arabesque, Battement Tendu, Glissé, Jetté to Developpé and Grande Battement.
– High quality pictures – through each and every step you will be able to see exactly how your body should be positioned for correct form.
– Styling – Learn how to perform movements with grace and elegance! People will automatically assume you have been dancing for years.
– Learn how to combine expressive arms with soft flowing hands to make every pose magical.
– Ever wanted to know how to have total control over your legs as you gracefully perform an arabesque? Now you Can!
– Learn the best practice exercises to train your leg muscles and prepare you for pointe.
– Do you know the components of a pointe shoe? Learn how to determine the best pointe shoe for your foot shape.
– Tying the pointe shoe. Follow step-by-step examples with clear descriptions. You’ll be able to do it blind folded in no time at all.
– How to correctly balance yourself for optimum flexibility and performance. Most dancers never learn and constantly struggle with problems that could so easily be avoided.
– Why stretching is important. If you know how to use it to drastically increase your performance you’ll wonder why everyone else hasn’t caught on.
– Great looking legs can be created – Have you ever seen a ballerina with ugly looking legs?
– Warming up and cooling down – Do this one extra thing and notice the difference straight away.
– Improper stretching – Are you stretching incorrectly and actually hindering your performance (You’ll be surprised)
– Exactly how to convey the right meaning for your specific movement or expression… (You don’t want to appear as if you’re saying you have big ears when you’re just listening).
– How to pose for maximum impact… learn how to use your whole body so that the audience understands exactly what you are saying without thinking twice.
– How to develop your own unique style and personality to your mime (Ever notice how some dancers always seem to have that extra added “character” in their performances? That’s because they’re using this technique.)
– 5 classic stories of love and adventure. These include popular works like “The Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty”.
– Want to rendition your own version of Pierre Gardel’s famous play. How to use your new found knowledge of ballet mime.
– “To the point” recollections. You won’t be bored with uninteresting detail while you fall asleep.

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Ballet Bible Dancing Instruction – Ballet Dancer’s Study Guide