Bake a Dog a Bone – Pet Bakery Business Book


Bake a Dog a Bone – Pet Bakery Business Book


An Easy-To-Follow Secret Tactics That Will Guarantee You Fetch Your Own Share Of The $65 Billion Dollar Pet Industry… Starting From Scratch On A Shoe-String Budget.

A Pet-Bakery-Business Offers It’s Owners…

  • Extremely HIGH Profit Margins!
  • A LOW-RISK Business You Can Operate From Home Virtually Anywhere
  • Prestige And Recognition As A PET “Expert”
  • A Business With An Outstanding FUN Factor
  • A Chance To Enhance The HEALTH and WELLNESS Of Our 4 Legged Friends

Introducing… Bake a Dog a Bone – Pet Bakery Business Book


Virtually UNTAPPED Niche Marketing Possibilities

If you have always dreamed about turning your passion-for-pets into a home-based-business that could give you financial independence and control over your life and your future… then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read!

Here’s Why:

We’ll provide you with a detailed step-by-step business-system designed to have you on your way to claiming your own six-figure piece of the $56,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) dollars spent on pets annually.

Now that’s certainly a tall statement, but let us show you how it’s very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to start and operate your own highly profitable pet-bakery using the step-by-step instructions provided in this course…

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques included in this success material…

  • The SURE-FIRE Secret to creating a buzz in your market by partnering with other “Pet Professionals!” (page 78)
  • How to QUICKLY Avoid the #1 Mistake New Pet-Treat Bakers Make that causes them to struggle to maintain any level of profitability or success… so you can start out right and grow quick (page 13)
  • A Step-By-Step Order Tracking System… that will allow you to dominate your market with your knowledge of your customers (page 97)
  • The absolute “Bullet-Proof” Best Treats to bake-and-sell – IMMEDIATELY! (page 21)
  • The Golden Rule of Pet-Parent Customer Service and how one ‘sin’ can cost you plenty in sales and reputation (page 89)
  • The Fastest and BEST Strategy to test your marketing plans (page 73)
  • How to deal with regulatory agencies – AAFCO, FDA, CVM, DSHEA (page 46)
  • Quickly and Easily Identify the single deadliest human ingredients for-pets… ensuring healthier-pets and happier owners! (page 100)

Learn the tips, tricks and secrets directly from some of the most SUCCESSFUL Pet-Treat Bakers Today!

  • Go inside the minds of the most successful pet-treat bakers today to learn their secrets
  • Discover what they learned about turning their passion-for-pets into a profitable and FUN-business
  • These people are just like you… a “pet-person” who jumped in, started-baking, and are now dominating their market – making money doing something they love!

Here’s the bottom line on this incredible resource…

The Start-Up Resource Guide” directs you step-by-step:

  • To Identify A Profitable Niche Target Market With Laser-Beam Focus
  • To Create A Treat Menu That Will Sell
  • To Take Control Of Your Financial Life
  • …and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

In Summary, Here’s What You Get:

You get immediate access to the breakthrough step-by-step guide “Bake a Dog a Bone – Pet Bakery Business Book” along with some very exciting bonuses for taking action right now!

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Bake a Dog a Bone – Pet Bakery Business Book