Awake From Anxiety – Anxiety CBT Workbook


Awake From Anxiety – Anxiety CBT Workbook

Is your life being badly affected or even ruined by anxiety?
Do you get anxious to the point where you experience physical symptoms?
Do you find yourself always fearing the worst?
Do you lose sleep worrying about something?
Are you very conscious about what other people think of you?


Discover How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques Can Help You to Deal with Anxiety and Panic

Symptoms of Anxiety

It is sometimes said that anxiety involves a triggering of the body’s natural Fight or Flight response. When you perceive something as a danger or a threat, your body responds in certain ways. For example, the following may be symptoms of anxiety:

Breathing faster
Shivering or shaking
Speeded up heart rate
Nausea or vomiting
Chest pain or discomfort

If there is a realistic danger or risk to you then these reactions are a normal, healthy response and once the danger has passed they subside.

Difficulties arise when your perception of the threat or danger is distorted or mistaken. In these circumstances you may experience the physical signs of anxiety in a situation where a neutral observer might say that there is no need for you to fight or flee. If this is happening frequently or over a sustained period of time then you are likely to experience significant levels of stress, with potential emotional and physical consequences such as difficulty sleeping, inability to relax, feeling constantly under pressure and feeling negative about yourself or your abilities.

Typical Responses to Anxiety

The 3 most typical responses to anxiety are probably:

– To try to fight through anxiety and force yourself to get through anxious situations or
– To avoid anxiety-provoking situations or
– To spend most of your time looking for a solution for your anxiety or panic.

Problems with Typical Responses to Anxiety

The problems with the 3 approaches above are:

? They tend to leave you feeling even more anxious because the anxiety doesn’t go away for good as you hoped
? You can also then feel bad about yourself and your ‘failure’ to get rid of the anxiety as you see it
? You may end up putting the rest of your life on hold as you look for the cure for anxiety


What Can You Do About Anxiety?

The AWAKE Program offers a different way of dealing with anxiety:

+ Instead to being encouraged to fight anxiety you are taught how to accept it. This doesn’t mean that you do nothing about it at all but it means that you adopt a different psychological approach to it which is more productive.
+ Instead of avoiding anxiety-provoking situations you are given exercises to help you to alter your typical behavior in anxious situations.
+ Instead of spending most of your time looking for a solution for your anxiety and panic you are encouraged to follow the AWAKE Program which involves:

(a) Using specific techniques to deal with anxious thoughts and situations and
(b) Remembering to do positive things with your life and not just focusing on anxiety all the time!

The New Approach to Anxiety offered by the AWAKE Program

The AWAKE Program offers a different way of dealing with anxiety by using cognitive behavioral techniques and ideas to help you change your way of thinking.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a counselling or coaching model for helping people to deal with emotional difficulties or make practical changes in their life. It has been used successfully to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and other difficulties. It can also be used if you have a negative mindset to help you think differently.

It rests on the view that how we think influences how we feel and how we act.

Thus if your mind is continually filled with negative thoughts, it is likely that you will feel stressed, anxious or depressed and you may well also find it difficult to act in positive constructive ways.

CBT works by looking at the negative or anxious thought patterns you are getting into and helping you to put them in perspective or balance them in a rational, sensible way.

It is your anxious thoughts that cause you to feel anxious.

Although CBT is a modern way of combating anxiety, depression and stress, its origins could be said to go right back to the ancient Greeks and the Greek philosopher Epictetus who held that:

‘Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.’

Of course this applies not just to men but to women too!

Anxiety is a symptom of the view you are taking of the situation you are in.

CBT Techniques

CBT gives you techniques for:

+ Assessing the validity of your view of a situation
+ Recognising when you are exaggerating or minimising aspects of your situation
+ Helping you to make your views more realistic and constructive
+ Helping you to put your anxious thoughts in perspective
+ Helping you to you take sensible practical steps both in individual actions and in your general lifestyle in order to reduce your anxiety and help you to manage it effectively.

CBT was developed from the ideas of Albert Ellis, the founder of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and Aaron Beck, the founder of Cognitive Therapy. The techniques and ideas it uses involve identifying distorted or erroneous thinking patterns and learning new ways of thinking which correct the distortions and lead to a more balanced life.

In the UK CBT is one of the most well known of the ‘psychological therapies’ advocated within the National Health Service for producing effective results with people suffering from anxiety and mild depression.

CBT techniques can also be used successfully with people who would not be classified as suffering from an anxiety disorder such as generalised anxiety or panic disorder or social phobia but who are simply anxious or stressed fromy day to day worries or have difficulties with low self esteem or assertiveness.

The AWAKE Program uses proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques as part of its method for dealing with anxiety and in particular to help you change your thought patterns.


What Type of Thoughts Create Anxiety?

There are a variety of types of thought that can create anxiety or panic.

For example, these thoughts may involve Fortune Telling or Catastrophising (imagining the worst) with thoughts such as:

‘I’m going to make a fool of myself’


‘I’ll be sacked’

or they may involve Mind Reading (imagining what other people are thinking about you) in an overly negative way with thoughts such as:

‘They can see I’m useless’


‘They’re laughing at me’

Self Criticism

If you are anxious you may also find that you tend to heavily self critical with negative self talk such as:

‘I’my always letting people down’


‘I’m a failure’

You may also put pressure on yourself by telling yourself frequently that you ought to act in certain ways or be a certain way. If you don’t meet up with this image of how you should be then you get despondent and in worrying about it you may get very anxious or even panic:


‘I must do this presentation well’

‘I shouldn’t be so anti-social’

‘I must get through this situation or else everyone will laugh at me’

How CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Techniques Can Help

One thing that CBT does to help you deal with anxious or negative thoughts is to teach you how to create constructive self talk, known as Balancing Thoughts, to deal with your anxious thoughts.

The AWAKE Program includes techniques for creating Balancing Thoughts.

Creating Balancing Thoughts

Balancing Thoughts are statements you say to yourself to help you put your anxiety in perspective.

This is not the same as positive thinking. It is more about realistic thinking or constructive thinking.


For example, someone who is anxious about giving a presentation might have the thought:

”I’m going to make a fool of myself with this presentation.”

A possible Balancing Thought they might come up with as a realistic statement to say to themself to help put the anxious thought in perspective might be:

“Usually you get through presentations OK even though you get anxious so the chances are you will get through this one.”

or another possible Balancing Thought in the same situation might be:

“Even if you don’t do the presentation very well, it’s not the end of the world. On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the most serious problem you could have, this rates about 3 or 4. Try to break the presentation down into short sections and aim to get through them one at a time.”

The Balancing Thoughts that are likely to be appropriate for you will depend on your particular situation and the anxieties that you experience. The AWAKE Program takes you through the different ways in which you can create Balancing Thoughts so that you can find the way(s) which are most appropriate for you and which produce the best outcome for you.

Putting Your Thinking in Context

Balancing Thoughts are one of the most helpful ways in which you can address your anxiety, but on their own they are unlikely to be enough.

From the AWAKE Program as set out in AWAKE from Anxiety, you will also benefit from:

+ Understanding the nature of anxiety better
+ Changing the way you think about anxiety
+ Altering the way you act when anxious
+ Creating a lifestyle that will increase your prospects of being relaxed and confident and feeling fulfilled.

Making CBT Easy to Understand

The AWAKE Program as explained in AWAKE from Anxiety brings the principles of CBT into a format which is easy for anyone to understand and covers all the crucial aspects of dealing with anxiety that are described above.

The AWAKE Program gives you simple practical exercises to follow and explains the five steps of the AWAKE Program one by one in simple, clear language with examples from real life coaching situations where relevant.


The 5 steps of the AWAKE Program

The 5 Steps of the AWAKE Program are:

+ Accept the anxiety
+ Watch the anxiety
+ Alter your habitual response
+ Keep a healthy balanced lifestyle and keep up with day to day activities
+ Empower yourself with Balancing Thoughts

These 5 steps give a simple framework for developing an effective approach to anxiety.

Understanding how to implement each of the 5 steps and what its significance and importance is, requires careful reading of the AWAKE from Anxiety guide. You need to follow the exercises that are included for you.

Once you follow the guide and start to implement the 5 steps, it will help you to:

+ Deal better with anxious or panic inducing situations
+ Be more aware of the thought patterns that are prompting your anxiety
+ Deal with those thought patterns more effectively
+ Get on with your life in a more fulfilling way
+ Improve your self confidence and self belief

What the ebook AWAKE from Anxiety gives you

It presents the AWAKE Program in a way that is clear and easy to follow so that you can understand the approaches and CBT techniques that will help you to deal with your anxiety.

It provides a general introduction to anxiety and CBT and then takes you step by step through the program with guidance and exercises to complete.

About the Author

It is written by Self-Help Author David Bonham-Carter who specialises in the use of CBT and other practical techniques to help people deal with distorted and negative thinking patterns and address difficulties such as:

+ Anxiety and stress
+ Self esteem, confidence and assertiveness problems
+ Life change and motivation

David worked for many years in the UK as a social worker before becoming a professional life coach in private practice for several years. He now focuses on sharing useful coaching and CBT techniques through self-help guides.

AWAKE from Anxiety – Purchase Price

The AWAKE from Anxiety Program is provided as an ebook covering all the steps and the exercises to work through. It now costs only $17.99!

The program can:

+ Help you to understand your anxiety better
+ Help you to deal with your anxiety more effectively
+ Give you a set of practical exercises and ideas that you can use for your benefit.


When you purchase the ebook program, you will receive immediately a link to download the eBook in PDF format. The author is confident that the techniques set out in AWAKE from Anxiety will help you and therefore offers a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if you try out the techniques suggested in the ebook and are not happy with the results, then simply ask for your money back within 15 days and you will be given a full refund. No questions asked.


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