Audacity Workshop – Cut Your Editing In Half


Audacity Workshop – Cut Your Editing In Half


Audacity is Free. Your Time Isn’t.

Time is money. Spend your valuable time promoting your podcast, not editing it. Learn how easy it is to use this software with no prior training!

What is the Audacity Workshop by Steve Stewart?

• 10 FREE VIDEOS – In less than 60 minutes you will learn how to set up, record, and export your podcast so it can be shared with people around the world through iTunes, Stitcher, or your website. Perfect for beginning podcasters!

• CUT EDITING IN HALF – Cut editing time by 25-50% with tips and tricks: Keyboard shortcuts, target “UmErUhs” for annihilation, get rid of “bad breaths”, and building podcast templates. For the new and experienced podcaster.

• THAT’S NOT ALL… – More videos are being added including stripping audio from video files and replacing those “goof ups”. Also, access to all our exclusive webinars with podcast industry leaders! Sign up today so you don’t miss a single one!

FULL STUDIO ACCESS gives you the tips and tricks to produce podcast and cut editing time in HALF!

Your one-time purchase gives you access to all current and future videos – including exclusive webinars with industry leaders… and it’s still growing.

It is growing from the more than 70 minutes in 20+ videos to more than 40 lessons across four learning modules. Webinars with leaders in the podcasting industry will also be added over the next few months to bring more value to this course.

Start Recording in Minutes and Instantly Reduce Editing Time

This course will take you from install to export with the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that will take the pain out of editing and make recording fun again

If you’ve never tried this free software then this is the course for you!

You will have great confidence in knowing your Coach has done it, has seen it, or knows someone who can fix it!

• Launch Strategy for the greatest impact on iTunes
• Technical Help for preparing to LAUNCH
• The Dos-and-Don’ts of Podcasting
• Media Hosting Discount Code, Gear Recommendations, and MORE

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Audacity Workshop – Cut Your Editing In Half