Asian Arowana Secrets Revealed – Care Guide


Asian Arowana Secrets Revealed – Care Guide



Uncover the simple truth behind rearing this fish with complete mastery over fish, food and water. Expose its true colors using the simplest but most effective techniques. Many seasoned owners will learn this the hard way but it will fall sick or become stressed at some point in time. The newbies will take every single last minute action, poisoning their tank with an excessive amount of chemicals in a frenzied attempt to save their fish but the truth is that a little preparation can increase its chances surviving but more than 50%.

One of the defining differences between a seasoned pro and a helpless newbie at rearing them is that the more experienced hobbyist spots illnesses when the first sign of it manifests and takes IMMEDIATE action to solve it. I’m going to literally hand over this exact set of valued knowledge that others take years to achieve on their own. This will arm you with the knowledge needed to handle illnesses calmly, and to be able to spot problems with your fish and accurate diagnose a remedy.

You will learn to spot behavioral symptoms and pinpoint which illness is present. Having the foresight to identify these symptoms and having the correct knowledge to take action could mean the difference between its continued survival. This is very often the one Make or Break difference that separates a newbie and a seasoned fish owner.

This eBook takes a different approach of less is more. Rather than try to squeeze in as many chemical enhancers or specialized, professional equipment and top-of-the-line products that yield only marginal benefits. When it comes to its care, this eBook prefers to use the bare minimum amount of equipment and additives in order to keep your setup simple with very little maintenance.

“Asian Arowana Secrets Revealed – Care Guide” is a concentrated, straight-to-the-point and easy-to-follow quick start manual that is jam-packed with the exact blueprints to everything you need to know about keeping it without any time-wasting fluff! If you want to get your hands on this awesome eBook then you had better hurry up because we don’t know how long the price will be this low. At just $37 this eBook is a real bargain when you consider the information you will be getting your hands on. If you own this fish then it’s a good idea to get this eBook as soon as possible!

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Asian Arowana Secrets Revealed – Care Guide