Article Submitter Platinum Backlinks SEO – Link Building Software


Article Submitter Platinum Backlinks SEO – Link Building Software


You understand the SEO Boosting… Traffic-driving… Link-building power of article marketing. And you have also looked for ways to make submitting articles faster and easier. That makes you somewhat of an expert, right? Ok, pop quiz Hotshot…

Let this new software do all the work. Over 18 months in development, it makes article submission easier than ever before. Here is what it does for you…

  • Submit your article to 210 directories with ONE click of your mouse! And then go golfing while IT does the work!
  • Blast them to an additional 165 directories almost as easy. That makes 374 article directories in total!
  • Focus your time on the things that make you the most money so you can make more of it!
  • Blow every other submitter away already!
  • And Much, Much More!

Targeted traffic is created in 2 ways. First, it comes from organic search engine results for your sites. Second, it comes from “good” backlinks to your site from high traffic sites on the web.

This software Is a Traffic Espresso “Double Shot” — It Blasts Your Organic Search Results & Builds Hundreds of Backlinks!



It Blows the Doors Off Any Other Article Submission Software..

The brand new Platinum version takes article marketing to a whole new level. The key is in the “One-Click” automatic submission functionality.

It has been programmed to do EVERYTHING for you at one click of the mouse. You just enter your article and click to submit it to 210 directories. You can work on something else… play golf… anything you want! Platinum does the work so you don’t have to.

With this software, you simply select all of the directories you would like to submit to and then click “submit” ONCE and BAM! It goes through all of the directories for you, automatically.

If you’re really bored, you can kick back and watch it autofill the fields, input the required captcha code, and submit your article as it marches through one directory after another.

Or you can make it to the course in time for 9 holes… Or whatever it is you’d rather be doing other than sitting in front of your computer.

This all happens with ONE mouse click!

There is no other tool on the planet that can submit to hundreds of article directories with ONE mouse click!

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Article Submitter Platinum Backlinks SEO – Link Building Software