Are you using the Right Golf Ball?


Are you using the Right Golf Ball?


Ever heard of Robert Cotter?

If you haven’t, you need to. Because Robert is a patent award winning Golf Ball Design Engineer who has worked for many years in the golf industry, designing golf balls for professional and recreational golfers.

Through his work, he has interacted with many of the game’s top pros as they tested new ball designs. These are the men and women you have seen on the weekend broadcasts.

Now what’s amazing is that in Robert’s experience up to 90% of golfers are using the wrong ball for their game, due to no fault of their own!

That means you’re probably using the wrong golf ball and it’s making you score higher than you need to!

Plus it’s probably costing you a lot of distance and accuracy.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can now get Robert’s expert Golf Ball Recommendations tailored to your specific skill level, handicap, age group, equipment, and more…

You can get his valuable, personalized information as a f.r.e.e. bonus when you get a copy of Robert’s best-selling ebook called “The Key To A Repeating Golf Swing”.

You see, Robert used his unique, “insider” experience with top professional golfers to discover a dynamic golf swing method which has been used by over 5000 golfers in 61+ countries. The case studies are astounding from golfers that have employed this method into their golf games.

Oh, by the way, Robert’s unique Golf Ball Recommendation Bonus is part of a new, limited time special package (and it all costs less than a dozen balls!).

Robert has seen first-hand how using the right ball can dramatically increase driver distance and immediately cut strokes by reducing the
effect of slice or hook spin (i.e. – more greens and fairways!). So if you’re in any doubt that you’re using the right golf ball for you then you
really must check this out: