Anti-biotic? Use Second Line Therapies for Curing Rosacea!


Anti-biotic? Use Second Line Therapies for Curing Rosacea!

It has been noticed that in many cases antibiotics are not able to give good results regarding the cure of Rosacea. Many skin specialists suggest topical trentinoin called Retin-A might and Accutane having izotrentinoin as an alternative of antibiotics. Because if antibiotics are not effective these second line therapiesĀ  plays a vital role to overcome this persistent ailment. The question arises her is, what should be the third alternative if these second line therapies are not working properly. Well, in this article I will only discuss the second alternative of the cure for this skin disorder.

The most well known oral antibiotics used as a cure of this skin disease are Tetracycline, Metronidazole and Doxycycline. These products are most commonly suggested by doctors to overcome the irritation of this skin disorder on the affected part of the skin. But, most of the times those gels that contains Metronidazole are not very effective for the patients because they cause irritation on the affected parts of the skin.

The main reason of the failure of antibiotics is Rosacea Triggers. So, if you are afflicted by this persistent disease than it is essential to bring a change in your daily routine life by avoiding different things. In case of using antibiotics you are restricted to avoid smoking cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and eating hot and spicy food items. These three things play a vital role to trigger the germs of this skin disease in the human body. So, if you want to get rid of this skin disorder you have to avoid such things because antibiotics will not heal your skin if you will not ignore these things.

Sometimes, the main reason of the failure of antibiotics is their improper use. If you are using different creams, gels and lotions for the cure of this skin disease try to apply them on the affected are properly. So, after applying the cream on your face make sure that you have properly spread it on the affected parts otherwise you will not be able to get rid of this skin ail. The reason that why I am stressing on these tips is because this skin disease is an ongoing skin disorder and it requires a lot of care and attention to get rid of this disease.

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